THIS is a recent conversation with Nate:

Nate: Mommy, what should I kill the droids with?
Me: Kill them with kindness. 
Him: Nah, I think I have some grenades.

THIS is an example of a hand drawn Ninja Turtle mask, drawn with a blue marker just minutes before we left for the park.   

THIS is an example of what a soccer game in sub-zero temperature (OK fine it was like 34 but there were snow flurries!) does to a little boy who no longer naps (not even when he had the flu). 


To celebrate nap time, we hit up Playtime Pizza (Chuck E Cheeze on crack) on Saturday night. 

It. was. intense.

I'm an extrovert of a person but I don't handle that type of stimulation very well.  I needed to crawl under my covers, have a beer and listen to the silence (ok FINE I watched some bad TV and surfed Pinterest and Instagram). 

THIS is an example of a sweet girl who did not want to get out of the bath.  Can't say I blame her. 

She's been very talky as of late:  Mama, Dada, Nate, KIX, COAT, SHOES, SOCKS.  SHOES. BOOTS. SHOES MAMA SHOES.  Coat.  SHOES.  WANT DIS.  WANT DIS.  Eh eh eh eh.  SH-oooo-zzz.  (This is what shoes sounds like.)  She says several more words and phrases that ONLY a doting parent might recognize but the above are all pretty clear to everyone.  Additionally, she often strings together entire paragraphs of gibberish.  THIS makes us joke about how she sounds like the little Asian ladies at the nail salon.  It's pretty amazing. 

THIS is some yellow!   I've been working on my living room - you can see the full room here

Mostly, the days are passing quickly and I need to carve more time to record them!! 


jessica said...

Cracking up over the hand drawn Ninja Turtle mask :)

Jax said...

I think I kind of want my own ninja mask. Jsut saying. And the whole nail lady at the salon thing had me laughing out loud.

At that gala I went to last weekend (that I blogged about...haha.. I act like you know what I'm saying...sorry), there were a gazillion people around me at once. I kind of had to get away. I was like "I'm too old for this shit. I like quiet and chairs and wine and one on one conversation." Eric was scared of my slight breakdown. So yeah...your overstimulation of all those things sounds familiar to me. Funny how things, change right? I used to be like "MORE PEOPLE! I NEED MORE PEOPLE AND THINGS TO DO!"

sarah gray said...

Awe, love your living room! Sad that you are going to leave your house -- I like it there, but also understand.

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