i want to give you an idea of why my laundry will never, ever be done

I wrote this post on Daylight Savings Saturday.  MARCH 16th.

Huh. Only a month behind.  Not bad, friends, not bad.

This is how long it's taking me to post and edit folks.  And not even with decent pictures! (And I'm not sorry!) 

The week after this Memphis venture I took both kiddos by myself to Tulsa for three days for Spring Break.  Someday I might get around to posting about that. (Don't hold your breathe.)

Last Saturday's schedule:

7 a.m.  Donuts and coffee from Shipley's (And biscuits and gravy for Nora.)

9 a.m.  Playdate with some old friends who we haven't seen in WAY too long.

11 a.m. Load up car for Nate's soccer game.

 11:10 a.m. Unload car and put everything in the truck because the car keys are nowhere to be found!

Poor No. We wouldn't let her on the field so she made her pennie stylish on the sidelines.  

11:30 a.m.  Coach 8 adorable boys on the soccer field.  Loose voice from yelling at them to GO TO THE BALL and STAY ON YOUR FEET.

1 p.m.  Arrive home from soccer game with pizza in hand.  Put Nora Kate down for her nap and gobble two pieces while standing in front of closet lamenting lack of wardrobe options for a wedding shower and lack of time to actually shower.  

THERE'S NO TIME.  THERE'S NEVER ANY TIME (to fix my hair properly).

2 p.m. Arrive at wedding shower slightly rumpled and pink in the face.  Consume inordinate amount of sugar cookies and feel slightly ill when the sugar crash arrives. Drink four glasses of water to attempt to flush it all out (that totally works, right?).

How is this not disgusting?! 
Who is going to eat this?  NOT ME.
4 p.m. Leave wedding shower and stop by the house to throw on jeans and a t-shirt (big sigh of relief; dressing up these days is a struggle.).  Hop back in car to meet Karl and the kids at a crawfish boil some friends of ours hosted.  (Note: Nora was a fan of the crawfish.  SICK. I was a fan of not vomiting at the crawfish boil!)

5:30 p.m.  Head home.... and..... pack and hop in the car for a surprise and spur of the moment trip to... Memphis.  For one night. 

6:30 p.m. Get on the road; both kids asleep before we got out of Little Rock.
One room. Four bodies.
 9:00 p.m.  Check in hotel and transfer Nora Kate to her crib; order late night room service for ourselves and Nate.

3:00 a.m. Both kids restless and half in and out of sleep. Question our sanity and decision to take spontaneous trips.

Oh, also, DAYLIGHTS SAVING!   Oops.  We should have planned this better.

Good day. Time to wrestle.

Regardless, we had a lovely Sunday in Memphis. We hit up the Children's Museum instead of the Zoo because it rained all the live long day.     

And then this: 

THE WHOLE WAY HOME. It was almost like a real date there for a minute.


Aubrey said...

I'm super impressed about the impropmtu overnight getaway! I want to do that!

P.S. Please tell me you squeezed a little Memphis BBQ into your agenda...

Jax said...

I love the spontaneous getaway! Eric and I don't even do that NOW, let alone with two kiddos! I do the same thing at showers when I haven't eaten first...I inhale sweets and things (and wine) and then immediately am like "Yeah...bad idea.."

melissa said...