last week vs this week :: there better be less vomit

So I was just THINKING about how we had been on a good, solid run of neither of the kids being sick - no snot to wipe, no school to miss... for the last two, almost three months.  I didn't even SAY IT OUT LOUD but (apparently) just thinking it was enough for the universe to put a swift and violent (violent vomiting end anyway) end to our well streak.

Monday, I kept a snotty Nora home with me.  Tuesday, Natey went down in the middle of the night with a small (and by small I mean VOMIT EVERYWHERE!) episode and then it was one soldier after another until I was the last (wo)man standing. (Well, mostly kneeling, cleaning up throw up! HA!)

Somehow I managed not to get sick, but, here is the thing when you are a working parent (please believe I barely worked this past week), you have to come up with creative solutions to get any work done at all whilst home with two small people and a man-sick man (who was also trying to launch his biggest project of the year in the same week).

Here are some hilarious moments from my sad attempt at being a productive employee:

Monday I attempted to take Nora Kate with me to the office, anticipating just staying for our 9 a.m. weekly staff meeting. Yea, no. One massive diaper change later - on concrete floor, sans wipes b/c they aren't in her school bag and we were OUT THE DOOR. 
Wednesday I left all of the ill people inside the house, locked my self and my laptop in my car and led a conference call from my cell phone.  Good Times! And Nate only opened the door and sadly waved at me once.
Thursday I had an early PR spot (like 4:15 a.m. early). I was onsite at our press spot (It was for a Disney production... SO MANY PRINCESSES so early in the day!) when I got a text from Karl at about 6:15. He was in bed with Nate who was still ill.
    • Karl: I think Nora is awake. I don't want to wake Nate by moving. 
    • Kat: Okay.
    • Karl: I can hear her. 
    • Kat: I can not. 
    • Kat: I am at Verizon. 
    • Karl: Oh yea. 
My boss and coworker found this whole thing hilarious - including the fact that we sometimes text each other from our various sleeping locations in (our teensy tiny) house.

Thankfully, this week was an excellent week to be sick because, next week, my friends, we are all FAMILY VACATION! Wish us luck and don't run the other way screaming from my children if you are on Flight 836 from Little Rock to THE BEACH. 

Photos to follow. 


Aubrey said...

Sorry about the sick, dude. That is rough stuff.

Karl's texts were awesome, as were your replies. Love it.

Kate said...

What beach?! I hope it is Sanibel FL b/c we will be there may 4-11 and you should hunt us down. That is probably not where you are going but wouldn't that be fun?

less vomit is always a great goal for the week!

it will never cease to crack me up that you guys text from within your house. I hear this is a common form of parent/teen communication these days though. So good practice.

katandkarl said...

@Kate - I wish! Ha! We were in Myrtle Beach and it was quite cold. :)

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