Life Lately :: Summer Edition

I find myself always a little, um, stretched this time of year. Summertime (since having kids and not working full time) is this weird paradox of fast forward and slow motion.

The Fast Forward: Nate and Nora's school has a summer program - but it comes with shorter hours and it's a shorter session (Read: Summer school opens at 9, I have to be at work at 9.  Read also: Summer school goes through mid-July, leaving me adrift for a month to find fill in sitters and/or beg help from friends and family.) My boss has always been super flexible with my schedule and hours, but these days it seems like perhaps too much work is coming home with me?  Or perhaps more accurate is my inability to actually get any work done at home when both the kids are home (particularly if I don't want my house to constantly look like a war zone). 

The Slow Motion: My days with just me and the kids (phone and laptop locked away!!) feel long and slow. Sometimes Nora and I can spend an entire hour laying on the floor building block towers. There's probably ENTIRELY too much tv watching and not enough outdoor activities but sometimes that's just fine by me. We've been to the pool and to the splash park and Nate had his first outdoor concert experience.  They've also consumed more pop ice than I care to think about.

Here's the down and dirty, honest, real-life skinny on our recent days starting from the smallest to the biggest:


She's just so Nora. She's changed so much in the last two months that I feel like you all don't even know her. You can definitely tell she is rapidly approaching turning two (I KNOW!) as she has her diva moments (she is VERY interested in selecting her own clothing and the whole mini-bow thing is a day-by-day experiment), but, for the most part, she is the happiest little thing. I'm really glad we didn't have her first because I would have been seriously deluded on this whole parenting gig.

She walks through the halls of school dragging her blankie and 'pack pack' behind and yelling "Natey? Where's Natey!?" until we get to his classroom. It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

I keep this list of things I want to blog about in a notebook and there is an entire page dedicated to "A Post About Nora" (it has scribbles like 'All White Diet!' and "17 months - pointed out and said snowman in a book - how does she know what a snowman is?!'  and "Weird Belly Button Thing" and "Have crayons? Will color LONG TIME.) but she changes so much by the time I sit down to write, it's hard to know where to start.

She is just happy sitting and playing with toys or several pots and pans or piles of dirt and rocks (Yes.). Maybe I have forgotten some Nateisms of his 20 month stage or maybe we're just WAY more relaxed as parents but I am pretty sure she is, honestly, just more laid back. She lets random little girls drag her around the playground and doesn't mind too much if Nate (who so, so often does) snags her toys.

We constantly say "Is Nora a big girl?" to which she delightedly and emphatically responds 'BABY!' every. single. time. It's awesome. I swear she is truly turning me into the sappiest of saps.  (Do you get sappier with each child? I feel like if I have one more I might become a weeping, must-capture-this-moment-photo-addicted HOT MESS.)


Our (ahem) more challenging first born has been, as always, more challenging (but equally loved, clearly). He's an extrovert through and through so, even on the days I want to stay at home all day long, he wants to go BE WITH HIS PEOPLE.  And if his people aren't around, MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY will do.

 Contrary to this photo, he is still not a huge fan of the water and refuses swim lessons and putting his whole head and/or face beneath the water. However, he does request at trip to the pool everyday (Maybe it's the 25 cent pop ice?). He also is super cautious and wears like 400 flotation devices. I'm trying not to rush it, but water makes me nervous so COME ON SWIM LESSONS!

He's officially enrolled in kindergarten and we seriously can't wait for him to start. There is a "Camp Kindergarten" at his school in July where he will get to meet his teachers and spend some time getting familiar with his school and the kindergarten classrooms. A bunch of his soccer buddies will be in school with him this fall so I'm not terribly concerned about the transition. Also, I am nerdily excited about HOMEWORK! (A statement I am sure to regret at some point in his educational career.)

We took him to his first concert (outdoor, Florida Georgia Line) and he wasn't as thrilled as expected (seriously, he begs to listen to FGL every time we get in the car... his current favorite song is one called 'Party People' and it's totally inappropriate for a four year old). I think the concert was louder and longer than he thought. In his defense, we walked like half a mile, it was semi-raining and it was waaaay past his bedtime.

One day, I had to dress up for work to take a photo holding this lovely silver plate. HA! HA! Yep, this is me.  Dressed up! In jeans and a Target cardigan.


You know, just working on his golf game, WEARING SUNGLASSES WHEN IT'S NOT SUNNY IN MY PICTURES, and being generally awesome. 

There's much more to tell, but it is late and you are bored, so I bid you GOODNIGHT.

Here's one more hilarious photo for you. 

Have a great week!


Aubrey said...

Your kids are BEAUTIFUL. The mental picture of Nora walking down the hallway asking for "Natey" cracks me up, as does the idea of Natey hidden beneath many floatation devices. :)

As my girls get older, I feel like it's increasingly more difficult to describe them fully on zee blog. Probably for the best anyway. If they are anything like my husband (and THEY ARE), they will harbor strong objections to any label other than "awesome."

Ashley said...

I love your kids. They are so precious.

Kate said...

Yes! Have one more! Join me in the sappiest of sappy sap towns!

Also, I can't believe Nate's starting kindergarten! But more so, I can't believe you're excited for homework. I would be so happy if my kids stayed in homework free schools forever!

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