The Unfunny Knock Knocking Jokes

I swear I will return to deep and meaningful blogging at some point.  (Maybe.)

Until then, I just wanted to share a phase that Natey has just entered :: The Unfunny Joke Phase.  Pretty sure it happens to all children at some point and, while it's still fresh, it's HIGHLY entertaining.

Here are several of his bedtime classics (No picture, just audio):


Ridiculous, I tell you!

(Also, how long should I expect this to go on?)


Aubrey said...

Nate's adorable chortle totally cracked me up! Even if his jokes are rubbish, that awesome laugh will get people giggling with him.

Melissa Brannan said...

I shouldn't admit that I'm not the parent that gives lots of chuckles and attention to all efforts made by my kids, but I will..........I quickly teach them one or two REAL funny ones and when they do the made up ones, I ask for the other.... phase ends real quick here! :) Ha ha!
Did you hear about the circus fire?

It was intense (in tents)