In Honor Of The Walking Dead Returning

So... sometime during the last season on the Walking Dead, I decided (zombies be damned!) I was going to watch with Karl, who is, to put it mildly, a fan. I totally got into it and jumped on the "classic" zombie support bandwagon - you know, the people who support the crazy, dumb, lumbering yet deadly zombies (as opposed to the quick moving, TERRIFYING zombies.... like in say World War Z, a movie I would never consider watching.)  (WHAT? After listening to horrifying zombie slaying sounds from the other room of my house for several Walking Dead seasons, I feel I have FULL AUTHORITY to be snobby about my zombies.)

ANYWAY, I totally got suckered by one of those stupid quiz things popping up in my facebook feed about Which Walking Dead Character you should be. Also, in case you wanted to know, the career I should have is A Writer, the city I should live in is NYC, my dialect quiz results were straight up Midwest and I am totally Donna from Parks and Rec (Treat yo self.). Hmmm... I may need to curb my little quiz problem, eh? Stupid Internet. Actually, no, I blame years of unhealthy YM magazine obsession circa, um, all of the early 90s? (Remember that "Say Anything" feature? THE BEST.)

ANYWAY, as usual, Karl and I were texting each other from various rooms in our house (that we were both in)....

Conversation as follows:

CAROL??!  Really? An abusive husband, a murderess and BANISHED from the camp of survivors by Rick. 

Anyone else excited for the Walking Dead to return? (For the record, I am NOT b/c the writers totally got me to like the stupid Governor and now everyone is dead.)

I think we need a new Sunday night show!!  What are you all watching? Downton Abby? Isn't everyone dead on that show now too?!?!


Deborah Brauser said...

Yikes -- turns out Zimbio said I was Carl. Booo! Still, I'm looking forward to the show coming back tonight. Enjoyed your post! :-)

katandkarl said...

@Deborah - Carl? HOW is that even an option!?! I am calling this quiz bogus for both of us!

Aubrey said...

Those dang quizzes are sooooo addicting! Loved your run-down on the bloggity, but I'm hoping you didn't share each and every result on FB like EVERYONE IN THE REST OF THE WORLD. (So annoying.)

No way in hell I will ever watch anything about zombies. Watching the Dowager Countess is as close to the living dead as I get. ;)

melissa said...

i don't watch the walking dead, but scott is head over heels obsessed with it and loved this text exchange :)