Spring River here we come! We have about 15 people going canoeing this weekend. I can't wait!! I will definately have to post some pics from the extravaganza!

Last night Clint Pollard was in Little Rock and Karl and I took him to Cajuns Wharf to eat some shrimp while we looked out on the Arkansas River. (looks a lot bigger here than in Tulsa) After dinner I headed to Elizabeth's for some GIRL EMPOWERMENT w/ elizabeth and kristen. Always good to have some girl time! I can't wait until all the women I hang out w/ can get together for my bachlorette party.

Also spoke w/ Melissa LaRose last night. She left me a voicemail that said she was going to put me on her "ex-friend" list if I didn't call her back... we finally got to talk! Now I just need to call Carol and Kaelin back and I will be caught up on my list of people I need to call list.

Audra started work at Arkansas Business this week. She is training w/ Alissa... hopefully the FLEX360 DOME will be finished soon and she can move in to the desk across from me. I am unmotivated to work today as you can see I AM BLOGGING instead of working!

oh and I got a new email address: h.kathleen@gmail.com since the jerks at the University of Tulsa are finally closing my account. I am so mad! But gmail is awesome so I am excited about that. I would prefer to now use my work account and the gmail account if at all possible. How did I get so many email addresses?


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