dinner w/ pam and hank!

so last night the knights (brooke's mother and father in-law) ...pam and hank were in Little Rock on their way back to Tulsa and we had dinner w/ them at the Flying Fish in the River Market. It was GREAT to see them and catch up - a nice surprise at the end of the day! we also ran into matt price and annie at the flying fish and they came over later for a quick night swim.

i have the world's worst three day headache from hell... i tried to sleep it off and showed up to work late but so far nothing has worked to make it GO AWAY. so i am not sure if i am going to make soccer practice this afternoon or not. i want to go since i haven't worked out in four or five days but i don't want to make it worse. also supposed to have girls night tonight... not sure if that will happen either!

OH and last night i got an invitation to my first wedding shower hosted by Elaine Robus and Renee Hughen. it is in a couple of weeks... here in the LR!