Update on the house...

well, there really isn't an update on the house. they have accepted our verbal offer and want to sign a contract on Wednesday. however, i feel a lot could happen between now and then. you just never know. It has been relatively low stress and i have such great feelings about the house and the people selling the house. the people selling the house are moving NEXT DOOR so i have good feelings about the neighborhood also. i feel like we were meant to have this house. is that weird? i can not concentrate at work AT ALL!

other news:

we are headed to tulsa/okc for the weekend. i know it is only tuesday but i am so excited about this weekend it is not even funny. it will officially be 6.5 months since I have seen brooke and paul. THAT IS HALF A YEAR. HALF A YEAR. we head out friday night to hang w/ everyone and then Saturday night brooke, jenny, and I are going to jenny and cassie's house (that no one has seen even though she has lived there a year) in OKC. official girls night. karl is going to stay behind in tulsa saturday night and hang out w/ matt dill and some guys he hasn't seen in awhile.. specifically matt since we haven't seen him since he and meredith got engaged and he asked karl to be his best man!

side note: i am also getting really excited for my bachelorette party.
people who i think are coming (tentative):
from LR: su, aud, elizabeth, kristen, emily

from STL: bridget, anna, sara, kristy
from milwaukee: jennifer
from OKC/Tulsa: jenny, brooke, jackie
from kc: caitlin
from charlotte: mere!!!

that is what I know now! who knows who else might make a guest appearance?