it's over!

here is a formal wedding party group pic! haha! more to come....

rules of the honeymoon:

1. karl is not allowed to play x-box
2. kat is not allowed to BLOG!

CRAP! i am cheating on my husband already!

he is coming to yell at me RIGHT NOW. we are getting ready to leave for eureka springs in .25 seconds. i think i might be in trouble for blogging! i am typing FAST i promise.

THE WEDDING was FABULOUS and it all went perfectly and the weather was amazing and we had a blast and our friends and our family were all there and we danced and partied like the rock stars that we are.

ok i am leaving.. more details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun on your honeymoon!!! We had sooo much fun at your wedding. IT was perfect.LOVE, EM

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, guys! I had a blast up in St. Louie. Have a good time this week! Kat- don't get in trouble- you can blog when you get back! Although I will miss your frequent updates. Love you both! :)

Leslie Robus said...

The wedding was wonderful. We had a blast. I am sure that it is great to finally be Mr. & Mrs. We will see you again soon!!! Have fun on the honeymoon.

Carol said...

Yall are just too CUTE!!!! Congratulations!!! And I am so sorry that I got to miss it but can't wait to hear all about it. Love ya, Carol

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