cocaine or wedding cake? that is the question.

so we did decide to celebrate our three, six, nine, and twelve months with wedding CAKE. we took out the box last night and laughed because it looked like d-r-u-g-s all wrapped up. not that either of us has ever seen or will ever see d-r-u-g-s in this quantity. but you know movies and CSI and all that crap... it just needs a johnny chimpo marking on it!

the cake wasn't too bad!


Elizabeth Ross said...

Is this a scene from "Blow" or "Scarface?"

Susan said...

Hahaha....you couldn't wait. Ok, if we had actually kept the top of ours, please believe I probably would have already been into it myself. Our bakery will make us a fresh one on our 1 yr anniversary. Can't wait. Only 5 months to go. Yikes, time flies.

Leslie said...

We waited until the one year mark. Big mistake to even try it. It was nasty...didn't even taste like cake.

brookeandpaul said...

ours was actually GOOD after a year. i SWEAR!

Anonymous said...

No, you have to wait until a year! We did and it was WAY nasty.

Just wash it down with that bottle of Jack in the background, you should be fine.

Russell Hammond said...

...and you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine...that my last words... were...I'M ON DRUGS!!!

Jennifer said...

Thats is the funniest picture I have ever seen...kat's a coke head...uh oh don't let Sarah know otherwise all Chi O's will think you've gone to the dark side!

Elizabeth Ross said...

I love Almost Famous.
I am a golden god!!

R. Scott Bonnell said...

"say hello to my lil cake"

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