what not to wear!

this afternoon i helped out my good friend and arkansas business photographer take some pictures for an upcoming publication called Arkansas Next: Career Edition! I was just standing in until Liz Massey from Channel 11 got there! This is some guy named Blake Eddonds (sp?) who used to play basketball for the Razorbacks under Nolan Richardson and one year under the other guy, um, anderson? anyway he works for Stephens now and he and liz were on the cover of the magazine! I was just along to see Pirn and help out with the photos! I look like the poster child for UNPROFFESSIONALISM and/or, um, OLD NAVY!


Leah Billings said...

Hey, I remember him. He works on the third floor in Mutual Funds. I kind of got to know everyone when I worked there (at least by their faces) cause I was always running around the building moving furniture around or hanging artwork.

Unknown said...

he kind of reminds me of mark (only more serious-looking and longer hair)...elizabeth? leah?

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ha, ha. Ohhh, Mark. Way to go, Kat! You stood there VERY well. :)

Anonymous said...

its eddins not eddonds and he sucked pretty bad

Lauryl Lane said...

i thot you looked like a gap commercial! cute!

Anonymous said...

What the crap is MAtt P talking about. Blake Eddins was a tru balla!!! I am surprised he is not an NBa all star now.

Anonymous said...

yes we (the photographer and I) were trying to decide whether he got the job at stephens on merit or based on the fact that he was a U of A athlete.

brooke knight said...

i think you look cute! so there!

Anonymous said...

He totally got that job because he was a Razorback!

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