interesting outfit phase...

do you like our slutty, i mean, interesting outfit phase? this shot is before victory party one year - maybe sophomore. Victory party. What were we even celebrating? is it sad that i can remember what i wore to every single victory party all four years of college? i think it is. i wonder if we still have these shirts. we should wear them out one night. we might even be featured on other blogs like www.littlerockblog.com! Posted by Picasa


Elizabeth Spann said...

Ha, ha, ha. You girls were slutty back in the day. :) You should totally ask Kristen about her little black shirt she used to have. And I think you should all totally wear them one night. We can have a themed party!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely the shirt you need to be wearing on job interviews!!!!!

the gloria family said...

we should totally have slutty outfit night. i think mine says hot! with flames. it's something ridiculous like that.

Leah Billings said...

Man, do I remember those backless shirts. I definitely had one that I wore a couple times during my freshman year. I wonder whose great idea they were?

Ashley said...

i have some reallll stellar shirts, perhaps we can bust them out over xmas/new years and wear them to tin dog or something...can't wait!

Anonymous said...

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