audra the "art major"

audra the "art major" is seen here creating art on a bench we happened to steal from a certain fraternity house that housed a certain ex-boyfriend of mine. we stumbled upon the bench one weekend while this particular fraternity was out of town and carried it all the way back to the Chi Omega house to decorate. (Note: We did have to call Melissa LaRose in the middle of stealing the bench b/c it was too heavy. We said: 'Melissa, we need your help'. And without a second thought she said: 'What did you steal and how heavy is it'? what can i say? we were kleptos! audra and i also stole a pool ball from each frat house on the row our senior year... how silly is that?)

anyway we did return the bench... redecorated with some interesting plants and other such nonsence painted on! the sigma nu's never knew it was us - they thought it was the pikes. i think someone threw it through a window or set it on fire - a lot of things got stolen and set on fire in those days! Posted by Picasa