Sweet Suite 318....

young kat and audra circa 1999. this is where it all began... LOOK how little we were! I bet - no I KNOW we thought we were UBER cool! this is a pic of us in the dorm fresham year. i think it looks more like an 8th grade pic than a COLLEGE pic, but we are, in fact, 18 years of age in this picture. note the stolen construction barrel in the left hand side of the picture! Posted by Picasa


brooke knight said...

i think it is of note that we did not actually steal that barrel ourselves, did we? crap now i can't remember if allison put it in her jeep or if one of the downstairs boys brought it to us...one too many drunk dinners is to blame i suppose! you do look like CHILDREN. ha!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ha, ha, ha. That's hilarious. Makes me want to dig up some old pictures. ;)

Susan said...

You look like J-Lo in that pic, Kat.

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