obligatory weekend plans post!

weekend plans:

  • HH (happy hour) with some friends from Arkansas Business tonight. (it's the work christmas party at Jeff Hankins... i am just going to PREPARTY! ;)
  • working at the LG Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hopkins v. Taylor fight Saturday night. (i personally don't really want to watch but the boys are all excited. you know karl worked with jermaine once. woo hoo!) i think festivities will commence at mike and audras.
  • Getting a Christmas tree and decorating for Christmas. sigh. i should be more excited about that shouldn't I?

news & gossip:

  • annie and elizabeth are hoping to live together soon (1st of the year) in a house with a yard somewhere in Little Rock... so if anyone knows of any hot for-rent houses....
  • we got lauryl's and samuel's new years eve wedding invite in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful!
  • i watched an episode of reading rainbow this morning and yes, it is as good as you remember!
  • i officially changed my name yesterday: Kathleen Horan Hills. I will get a new social security card soon.
  • i have an interview on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. i am nervous. i hate interviewing! (why did i forget that when i quit AB?) but i have been preparing....and am getting closer to actually feeling prepared! so send me some of your best interview questions to help me!


Susan said...

Where'd the Bush thing go? Was I the only one who saw/commented on that morsel of goodness?

Susan said...

Mary and I might be going to West End to watch the fight...well, not really watch teh fight as much as socialize. My buddy Sampson is in town and will be there.

Anonymous said...

Interview question: what's your worst fear?

Answer: that you ask me this question during an interview.

got me the job!! you'll be excellent!!

Anonymous said...

You will be great at your interview!! Let us know how it goes. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Man I want to watch the fight so bad but we have a stupid Christmas party. Anyways don't worry about interview questions. All you have to do is wear something tight and low cut. Sex it up a bit. That is how I got my job!!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Interview question I've encountered:
"If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself? I would! I'd be delicious!"

melissa said...

Where's the interview at? How is Lavar anyway? Good Luck!

My favorite interview:
Can you take a joke? can you smoke dope and drink whiskey? do old groutchy men with no sense of humor intimidate you?

...I got the job.

Leah Billings said...

The hardest question I've ever had was "Give us three characteristics about yourself that set you apart from all the other applicants." Yuck! Anyway, good luck. You'll be spectacular!

Jax said...

Hmm..."If you were an adult beverage, what would you be and why?" I really got that one.. I said I'd be a cosmopolitan b/c it meant "all around" (thank God for the XO adjectives!) and it was classy, yet quite strong.. and laughed.. Really not kidding...

Jennifer said...

My friend Kirstin and my boss are actually going to the fight in Vegas. I actually think if you were there it would be alot of fun

Jennifer said...

How about this one... "when you are driving around on nights and weekends what are you thinking about?" That was a bit tough because I could only think of really smart ass answers.

Anonymous said...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Use 3 adjectives to describe yourself.

What made you decide our company was the company you want to work for?

What is your greatest strength? What is your weakness (a good one for weakness is saying "wanting to do things myself to make sure it gets done right."

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