dancing the night away!

dancing - audra and i teaching emily our 'You and Me" (caroline's spine) dance. (which is ridiculous!)

we had a great party - a small group which suited us just perfectly this NYE! We welcomed 2006 with some drinks, dancing, and good old-fashioned banging of pots and pans! i am posting a few of the great pics below... we took almost 100 but i chose these few for your viewing pleasure! (more may be posted at a later date?!)

Some 2005 highlights for us:
getting married, buying a house, adopting arlo and roxy, joining the blogging community and connecting and reconnecting with some great people through it!, being able to attend many friends weddings: caitlin&eric gapsch, matt&meredith dill, jenny&jake crum, su&seth mulhearn, and not attending some events but wishing we could: lauryl&samuel's wedding and the cronin family reunion. Let's see what else? going to watch my baby sister turn 21 in milwaukee, our second annual homecoming party at TU, the adoption of kim and sean's new son stone, fairy's passing, the stl cards almost going to the series, kat resigning from AB and starting a new job, kristen&cory scheer and the birth of their daughter elizabeth!, graves family reunion at the deer cabin, my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary, karl's cousin phillip graduating from duke. that is all i can think of at the moment!! how busy were we in 05? and how lucky? if i forgot someone/something important LET ME KNOW!

Things to look forward to in 2006:
eric&emily wedding (desjardin), mike&audra (wallace) wedding, matt&stephanie wedding (horan), my cousin anna&gino trying for a baby, my sister's college graduation in milwaukee (Marquette) in may, um, a third year of TU homecoming festivities, my cousin chris&melissa having a baby in June or July; I am sure there will be many more "blog-worthy" moments in 06 that you will get to hear ALL about!! i know there are friends and family who keep up with the blog and I promise to do my best to keep 'YA'LL' updated! feel free to leave comments or send karl or myself an email! many thanks for reading and WELCOME TO 2006!


Elizabeth Ross said...

Don't forget that you'll have a new neighbor in 2006! :)

Jenny said...

Oh Man, you went ahead and published one of those stupid "christmas card letters" on your web site. Poor Form. Poor Form.

leslie said...

Awww...it looks like you all had a great time! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you all. Happy New Year! Look out 2006

Sara Quiroz said...

Seems like a good party. Sorry I missed it.
Happy New Year !