shh...blogging at work is bad.

WHY IS THIS DAY SO LONG!?! i am going bonkers. bonkers people.

if you are reading this right now you are probably just as BONKERS as me for this weekend to begin.

list of things to do this weekend:

  • relax
  • go bowling (apparantly)
  • work at LG (sunday)
  • go WEDDING DRESS shopping with audra (!!!)
  • um, karl might go to mineral springs/nashVUL.
  • be lame old folk!
  • AND buy STAMPS b/c postage goes UP officially to 39 cent.

call me if you feel like chatting or are doing something exciting!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that yall are going to be up here in Feb! It seems like forever since we have hung out. We have no plans for that weekend!

Anonymous said...

nope...she hasn't emailed me yet. That is great that she might be interested!

Jennifer said...

I also want to go bowling this weekend

mr. mups said...

bon week-end !

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