Everyone send lovely thoughts and prayers to my friend Caitlin who hasn’t been feeling so hot lately! She is so sweet and we are sad she is feeling so bad! My weekend plans might have just changed and I may be going to say hello to my loverly lady and her husband in KC. Audra was planning on going to Tulsa anyway so I might just hitch a ride tomorrow and head for the tri state region. I do love hitting many states in one weekend!


  • Town Pump (pump pump it up) with the old ABPG crew! (happy happy hour)
  • Matt & Meredith Dill = staying with us TONIGHT at the Hills casa.
    This is where the tentative starts (still not sure) Sat AM = leaving (possibly) for Tulsa
  • Sat PM = Laura Knight (brooke SIL) going away party (moving to CALI)
  • Sun AM = go to KC. See Caitlin.
  • Sun PM = back to Tulsa and hanging out.
  • Mon AM = back to LR. Nooooooooo worky! WOO HOO!
  • Mon PM = food w/ john and leslie??… SOMETHING WITH JOHN AND LESLIE! Fourth of july party/fireworks? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

There. that doesn’t look like so much now that it is all down in writing.

Happy Fourth.

NO FIRECRACKERS… all the crazies are out! Wear your SEATBELTS!


brooke knight said...

have you heard about the mentos and diet coke thing? i was thinking of trying it in lieu of fireworks!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Have fun, my friend. No matter what you may be doing. Let me know when you're back in the Rock Town (ooorrrrr "Southern Comfort" as some like to call it... or "The Gem City"- dumb). Love you!

Kristy said...

You need to call me!

Susan said...

Ummm....HH was fun, so fun in fact that I forgot my camera in your car. Need to retrieve it. I am helpless without it. My blog sucks with no pictorials.