Belated thanks to Leah and Blue for a wonderful weekend party.

SHHHH… don’t tell anyone but I might go see JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE tonight. And eat lots of EXTRA BUTTER EXTRA SALT movie theater popcorn. With an enormous Coca-Cola classic. (for the low low price of like $20) Sigh. Guilty pleasures! Then I am watching Project Runway b/c it is A GOOD SEASON and I am addicted.

Guess what? Less than 6 months till Christmas! You hate me now don’t you? Start your shopping NOW! We will wait till Dec. 23rd. Or later. If you even get a card/gift at all! We are bad at Christmas. We didn't even have a tree last year.

And get this bull crap: What would you do with $150 Million Dollars?


brooke knight said...

bull crap. hehe.

Anonymous said...

good thing they haven't found my off-shore account yet...shit...now kat knows about it!

Sarah said...

1) must splurge on popcorn and coke at movie--our number one rule

2) you have got to get a christmas tree this year. come on.


Jax said...

I wannnnnna see that movie! Oh, please go then post a review. I. am. 16. YES!!!

Susan said...

You're right, you really do like silly teenie bopper movies! Actually, it's in my blockbuster que to view as well!

the gloria family said...

see you at project runway tonight. sweet!!!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Ummmm I love those movies. Can't wait! I will be sufficiently stressed from my day today! :)

emily and eric said...

i am too excited... i forgot to tell eric and he made plans.... oops.. he got over it!!

Kristy said...

I am so proud of your willingness to go to the movies and buy popcorn! You missed all the teen movies when you were a teen though!

Matty D said...

Karl, if I had to suffer through that movie (thanks Meredith) then you should as well. The cool part is you get to see lots of guys in thongs, umm, yummy.

Megan said...

I want to see this movie. Please report back on how it is. And I love Project Runway. Kat-you have great taste!

Jax said...

DID YOU SEEEEEE the movie!!??! Tell Karl I found his off-shore acct and already cleaned it out. I have my ways.. I know the law, remember. ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

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