curl that c, t, o, r, y

Last weekend we were in Tulsa running the Marathon Relay and celebrating Matt’s birthday! We finished (chip time) in 4:31 (4 hours and 31 minutes) and 21 seconds. That is around a 10 min 26 second mile for the team which is not bad!! We were quite proud of ourselves and inspired by all the other folks finishing the half and the whole! My part of the run was through Jenks America (yuck!) and it was very quiet (which kind of sucks!) BUT it was nice and FLAT. Audra’s parents and sister came out to support and take some pics!

Brooke and Paul were wonderful hosts for their Friday night shin dig and I really can’t send enough thanks to Jenny and Jeff for putting up with four houseguests all weekend! We had a blast. I have bunches of work to do today so I must get to it before the bell rings (we don’t really have a bell). I do have a fun Turkey Day post for tomorrow or Thursday so stay tuned.


Elizabeth Spann said...

Way to go, team! Good pics.

Susan said...

Way to go Runner McRun-Run! That's awesome. Cute pics too! I miss you long-ti!