this is all you get!

here is donald the deer. we will be eating him all winter long. come over for some - our freezer is FULL.

let's see.. not much but kind of a lot going on. (all at the same time!)

having lunch with my grand little (chi-o) Holly Sahrmann (coming in town for Chi-O - she is an NC now!!! and lives in Atlanta with my good friend Megan Consedine who I need to send a card to ASAP!) and Audra tomorrow, headed off to Tulsa this weekend to celebrate Matt Price's birthday, Brooke and Paul's housewarming, and to run the inagural ROUTE 66 Marathon! (relay!)

um.... getting excited about gorging myself on potato products this Thanksgiving (and all the PEOPLE - friends and family - coming in town - the whaleys, the robuses, blake, phillip... CAN't WAIT for the hanging and the outing!!! we will have a get together - everyone must come)....

um....lunch is over. i don't want to WORK today!!! Does everyone feel like that some days?!?!?


brooke knight said...

nice label. my labels alphebetize themselves, i must fix that.

brooke knight said...

ps way to go karl for murdering donald. way to GO.

the gloria family said...

your middle paragraph confused me.
happy early b-day matt p.
i can't wait for thanksgiving. i have the menu planned in my head already.
donald looks sad.

Anonymous said...


Stacia said...

Oh dear.....I mean deer ;)

Leah Billings said...

I grew up looking at dead deers in real life (my Dad and his brothers are big on the hunting), but I've never understood why in the photos they have to hold up the dead head. It must be a guy thing.

P.S. A get together over t-giving sounds fantastic. Mucho looking forward to it!

Jennifer said...


Stacia said...

LOL Yes that would have been me and that stuff is still on there..you should have waved I bet I would have recognized you!!

brooke knight said...


Megan said...

Good job Karl-if this was the old days you could keep your family well fed! Where was the buck killed?

Lauryl Lane said...

is that bambi's dad? i'm gonna go cry now.

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