Cause Baby it’s Cold Outside

First of all, Happy Belated Birthdays (yesterday) to both Audra Trotter Wallace and new baby (!!) William A. Koss. Congrats to Matt and Lindsay on their safe delivery and healthy little bit. Maybe your baby and Paris Hilton's baby can now hang out in the kiddie clubs!

Happy Lunch Time. I need it – even if it is VERY brief.

Don’t you just hate it when you make a silly mistake at work? Long story short: There was a board meeting at one of our conventions, the board members needed to be reimbursed for mileage, I calculated mileage and checks were printed (not by me but with the amount I decreed), and then realized (um…it was pointed out to me…yucko) that it was only one way reimbursement and not full trip. Sigh. Stupid. Silly. AnnoYing. And now you get to here alllllllll about it – aren’t you a lucky ducky? Maybe later I will enthrall you with an ever-exciting story of what I cleaned and how long it took me last night. If. You. Are. Lucky.

p.s. I am giving all my blog posts Christmas Song Titles from here until Christmas to get myself IN THE MOOD. (still no tree, still not a single present… just to keep you aBREAST of all the details!) the mall frightens me. As do most retail stores.


Sarah said...

shop at thrift stores. not so scary. i hate the mall too.

and ever since i gave my notice at work, i've been messing up a lot.. i guess i am not concentrating very well. boo-hoo-hoo. i don't give a flippin poo.

Anonymous said...

it is very hard to concentrate at a job you're not going to be at very much longer; i concur.
am i the only one who likes malls more when they're crowded?

Elizabeth Spann said...

I went shopping last night. It was awesome.

Susan said...

You're right, that article on Paris is HI-larious! P.S. I've developed a strange addiction to shopping lately. Yeah, me, the tight-wad...what's up with that? Not at the mall so much though but stores like Old Navy, Kohls, Targer, Belk, strip mall type places...at least they are here in C-Way. I just need more money.

Kristy said...

I am going shopping next Monday. I have no ideas, and my Christmas decorations are in a box thanks to no electricity for almost 5 entire days and moving day next week! Who needs Christmas (except for that nice little break I get)!

Sarah said...

i cannot get to the article, which i am assuming explains what you mean by paris' baby?

go to www.britneyspears.com ... she has a new website with a blog note about her panty exposure.

happy friday!

i hope i get to see you someday soon. miss you!

are you excited that we are going to be aunties to a little boy named henry? such a perfectly posh little name for such a handsome little boy.