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Funny work story #2,867

So. It’s Friday children. Time to go out and play!

I have a good, fun story. Right so - the company I work for – we manage the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police (chiefs across the state, we plan their events, keep track of their membership database, keep up their website, etc. etc.) The Chiefs are a fun bunch b/c they come to our office for their board meetings and drink lots of coffee (for real) and say ‘darlin’ and ‘little lady’ (and somehow it doesn’t sound derogatory – go figure) and speak Ar-kan-san in the best possible way. Also they give away glocks and other large, scary guns as door prizes at their annual convention. Anyway, the Chiefs have a website. They might not use this site so often as they are busy with their aforementioned coffee and guns and keeping the state of Arkansas safe and sound. But they have one. Well (lean in close for good gossip) their site (I won’t say HOW) got taken over by a PORN site. So their site (and everywhere it is linked) is coming up either blocked or dirty, dirty porn! GAA! If you are that curious or don’t believe me: their new site:
www.arkchiefs.org and their old site is the same addy but has the state of Arkansas spelled out (I promise you really don’t want to look). So I spent some time figuring out where we were linked (www.arkansas.gov... HELLO) and calling people and explaining the situation. And that, my friends, should be a situation on ‘The Office’or some other such show. Pure Entertainment.

Hmm… but not really that funny if you think about it from a mgmt/client perspective.
Hmm…I am probably going to get fired for writing this blog.
BUT IT is TOO FUNNY not to share. I mean of all our clients – the CHIEFS OF POLICE. Heheh.


Elizabeth Spann said...


Anonymous said...

porn in the work place...always funny.

Sarah said...

send it to reader's digest!

and go to my blog and take my baby fever quiz.

Leah Billings said...

Yeah, that the best thing I've heard all week. Thanks for the giggle!

Megan said...

So funny...but I'll take your word for it. (don't want to get in trouble at ABPG)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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