Avoidance of the mushy gushy (like my tooth holes)

not to get to mushy gushy but i do have to say that karl wins the best person ever award for his five (yes, five) trips to kroger in one day (1. prescriptions 2. Pink Lemonade - i don't know but i wanted it. 3. Thermometer (fever check). 4. Tylenol (for fever). 5. Naked Juice (for sustinence) and for his multiple trips to KFC (NO GRAVY!)

lord help me if i ever have a child.

i am trying to stop obsessing - the pain is gone pretty much but the gaping holes remain and it feels nasty. for those of you who have been thru this whole removal process, when does it go AWAY? i can feel stitches hanging....ew. and no one told me how much my other teeth would hurt. i promise to stop being self-obsessed if you tell me. TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL me WHEN.

i actually have been at work the past two days (made it here Monday just a little late!) and have been retarda-busy. I will update with news asap. i have some.


Megan said...

I hope you're better today.

Elizabeth Spann said...

News? Cryptic much?

Leah Billings said...

I had mine done in highschool so its been a while, but I think I remember the "ickiness" lasting for about two weeks. The pain did not last that long though.

Jennifer said...

News??? What news? I can't wait....ok I'm calling you now..oh good you're answering...ok bye

Lauryl Lane said...

i hate to give bad news... it's different for everyone. but i had mine out a year ago, and it was miserable. i had dry sockets, so there ended up being open holes between my sinuses and my mouth and i had an awful sinus infection, so i had mouthfuls of snot for over a month. it took about two months before i was totally healed. and i had to get a second prescription of the pain meds because i was still in so much pain when my first prescription was used up. it was one of the worst experiences of my life. i hope yours is much, MUCH better. i am sending happy thoughts your way.

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