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my news is not THAT news - crazy heads & faces. But thank you for the many ?'s from baby-obsessed friends & fam! ;) i'll let you know. and most of you who asked i am pretty sure i wouldn't tell you in a blog. I love you more than that. Maybe.

Anyway, MY NEWS was that i landed my first OUT OF STATE website all on my own! In ... NEW JERSEY! I had a conference call a couple days ago and sold them a site! (And even though i was being completely serious on the call, i did snicker a little at the NJ accent. Not seeing them face to face made me kind of feel like they were little cartoon people with funny voices. Which is good. I wasn't nervous.) The site is for the U.S. Green Building Council of New Jersey - some of you know that i do a lot of work here for the Arkansas USGBC Chapter and did that site - www.usgbcar.org - and NJ wants their site to model that. So that is exciting! I am thinking of - (not really thinking; more doing) launching a campaign to do more chapters - there are over 75 and they have some specifications from the National Board in D.C. to follow. (and since i have already done two and they are really pretty and model the national site and meet all requirements why wouldn't chapters want me to do their sites for them!?!) So that is a project in the works. They are pretty simple sites. I'm doing it man.

Other news:
  • First of all, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO Elizabeth, Kristen, and Melissa. And to JR! There are a lot of bday's at the end of January! Sorry I missed wishing you all bloggy wishes on the day.
  • With the cash $$ I make from this site I will be hiring someone to deep clean my house. I don't care what you think. I hate cleaning (that isn't completely true - i don't hate it i just don't want to do it after working allllllllll day and night...and we work all the TIME.) At the office and at home. So we're doing it. I feel somewhat guilty about it. Oh well. If anyone has any suggestions in the LR area let me know. I'm doing some research.
  • My teeth holes are infected and nasty (ok just one but it is still gross). So I'm not a complete whiner in the waaambulance. i have to go back tomorrow. I need to eat. A juicy, chewy steak!
  • Jennifer Lenore and Sarah Jane are coming this weekend. (Friday night anyhow.)
  • Kristen & I are going to a thing at the Clinton School about The Impact of the Female Vote in the South Throughout History - I love voting.
  • I am watching B&Geek and this girl can not make a walkie talkie work. Hilarious. (that is news, right?)
  • What else? Who else has news???
  • I would also like some semi-expensive shampoo. thoughts?


care said...

sorry about the teeth-age. they will heal, it will just take awhile. we can form an i-hate-dental-work club.

I really like biolage shampoo. Go to Trade Secret, it's cheap there...oooh, or if you wanna go really fancy aveda is amazing!

heal quickly...

Sarah said...

feeling better?
hope so!
and congrats on the website sell!!! even though i think that was the previous post! anyhow congrats!

Anonymous said...

i hate dental work too. hence why i never go. did i just use the word hence??

Anyway! Congrats on the new site!!

I hired someone to clean our house when we first moved in. Basically b/c I didn't want to have to clean the apt we were leaving and the new place! go for it!!!

Leah Billings said...

Don't use merrymaids or mollymaids or whatever they're called! I've never heard good things. I'm partial to Service master, but that's just cause my mom's side of the family owns it up north. I don't even know if they do full-on residential cleaning. They can clean your carpets...oh, wait you have hard wood. Yeah, I'm not being that helpful.

Good for you with the new job landing! I can see it now...in a couple of years you and Karl will be running the entire internet!!

Anonymous said...

My news: I no longer have a life

Elizabeth Spann said...

I love that picture. I almost posted it the other day just for fun.

brooke knight said...

i love my redken products and i used to use um. crap. what is it called? jackie uses it too. hmmm i cant remember but it rules too. each are about $10/bottle... but worth it!
it starts with a p. the shampoo. damn you memory!

melissa said...

Congratulations you go getter!

Susan said...

Congrats! Flex 360 eat your hearts out! Anyhow, I love my Big Sexy Hair spray and root lifter....surely they have shampoo and conditioner. They add volume, which I need help with.