fayetteville schmeatville

this morning i wasn't supposed to go to Fayetteville. Now I am going. For a meetin.g. Of the US GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL - NWA Branch. Bye. Love you all. My boss is driving. Pray for me. Yikes. I am bringing my lap top for the three hour drive - heres to hoping i can get stuff accomplished!

The weekend was great - Sarah should post some pictures from it on her blog.

Karl ran 18 miles on Sunday - his longest run yet! HORRAY! Send him lurve by visiting his website: www.84boxes.com! He is still deciding b/w that and his blog. I vote the website. and it is essentially a weblog b/c it is dated. so it qualifies. It is way prettier. And he got his BONUS from work and for the first time EVER we don't already have it assigned to pay something back or off! Isn't that terribly exciting? I just don't know what to do! I think I might purchase tickets to Puerta Vierta (sp?) and go see Mere in Vero Beach. And Karl is going skiing with Matt Dill and Ryan Sheehan. How fun is all this news?

Life is good! And one of us might be on the search for a new job. e mail me if you want more details!