So check me out....

scroll over the links on my link list. isn't that FUN? karl found it (of course). don't panic if it says "queing up." It may take a second but it is well worth the wait. pictorial browsing. not sure if it works (when i say works i mean tells you when someone really has updated) but i am going to giver a go.

additionally, LEAH, it would snow on your birthday. kidding - happy day.

SOME OF US WENT TO WORK TODAY (ALL DAY)- no sticky icky from my house to my office. sigh. karl was so excited about putting us in four wheel drive. toooooooo bad. so sad. little rock was all a-panic anyway.


Lauryl Lane said...

that is way cool. i likey! is it snowing in little rock, too? geez, the midwest is a winter wonderland right now, isn't it? ;)

melissa said...

I love the snapper!

Anonymous said...

sweet! how does your hubby find these things?

It snowed here a little too. But as you know life goes on here unlike in the south!

Happy Friday!!!

Susan said...

Conway was way worse I believe. Not that my sick @$$ left the house, but it looks even worse this morning, but Seth went in. Anyhow, cool stuff on the blog, dude. Missed seeing you last night...next week...twice!

Leah Billings said...

Ha, ha! I sent mother nature a bigs thanks! It was the perfect gift for me.

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