happy birthday calendar!

we have made it to 2007. double O seven. the end of 2006 was not so fun as my last days were spent in bed battling some weird cold-like sickness (literally i slept from 7 p.m. Thursday night to about 1:30 Friday afternoon...straight through. un. fun.) i hate being sickly but i am all better now - just in time to enjoy a lovely dinner at J. Carino's w/ some friends on NYE and play some darts at our house and watch the razorbacks looooooooooooose the capitol one bowl game to wisconsin (i wore my wisconsin shirt to my razorback party and my sister wore her razorback to her wisconisn party). the ortegas hosted the razorback PaR-tay and we finally got a chance to meet their son Tripp... A-dorable. i believe USC and michigan are getting ready to start here in a minute so i am going to do some last minute dozing before reality rears its ugly head in the form of our alarm clock in the early AM. i think i may have been asleep for more time than i was awake this "NYE break" which isn't really IDEAL but what are you going to do?

Oh AND CONGRATULATIONS to jennifer lenore barrow and her loveRly jeff! ENGAGED for the new year: LINK HERE. Let the wedding planning officially BEGIN for this girl! I am so glad to have a 2007 or 2008 wedding to look forward to. so happy for these two. what a great way to start a new year.

Oh AND #2: let's see... resolutions - karl and my only "resolution" this year is to de-clutter our lives... specifically the STUFF in our lives anyway. so far we have thrown away/given away boxes and bags of clothing and other unnecessary clutter (i really don't NEED that backless sparkly pink party shirt i wore in college or those eight pairs of capri pants that are high in the waist, tight in the legs, and WON't EVER FIT AGAIN. don't worry - i kept a select few items in a box in the attic to be taken down when in need of a good laugh) AND we are down to one television in the whole house (yet three computers...hmmmm) and much of our college and hand me down furniture is going in the storage shed until we can get rid of it or sell it i suppose. LESS STUFF ES GOOD. letting go is good.

welcome to the new year in the blogosphere. stay tuned for new adventures in our semi-exciting lives - you know you want to!


Susan said...

Congrats to Jenny. And what a fantastico pictorial. Did you take that? It definitely needs to be used down the line...perhaps with the invites or thank yous....just thinking.

Sarah said...

happy new year! i need to de-clutter too.... glad you got rid of the high wasted pants too! jenny and jeff are so cute, you can just tell they are giddy! fun. fun. wedding! showers! parties! horrah!

Sarah said...

august is a great time for a wedding.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hooray for Jenny! Also a really great resolution! I have missed the blogs!

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