isabel kathleen - tres annos

exhasted... too much to do at work and at play.

would like to say a quick happy bday to isabel kathleen. (in the middle) i can't believe she is three. i feel like she was just BORN yesterday. literally. those babies are getting so big - call me an old lady for saying so but it is freaking true! maybe if my cousin bridget would START A BLOG we could see more pictures of these beautiful kids. i think so.

i hope everyone is having a good first week of 07. i made a list of things to blog about but it is in my planner and that is in the kitchen and right now that seems oceans away and i just can't do it (don't have the power!) i am trying to recreate the list in my head but aparantly there is little to no activity going on up there this evening.

one of my sister's fraternity brothers (her twin!) from marquette is on beauty and the geek (season premier aired on the cw network last night). his name is drew and he is "the star trek nerd". she went to his "watch party" last night for the premier but he is sworn under oath to not tell the show results. that show makes me laugh. a. lot. it is so wrong in so many ways. somehow i find time to fit it in THE MASTER SCHEDULE. try it out; good times had by all.


Elizabeth Spann said...

I taped Beauty and the Geek this week and haven't watched it yet. It's going to be so difficult to fit all my shows into my life once again. I think I'll manage.

emily and eric said...

eric and i LOVE that show! there is never enough time in a day for all of them!!!