is this how the barrow/munsell wedding is going to be?

i'm freaking out man.

this video is kind of long and crazy. if i did this...well.. i really don't have a lot to say about it. i'm not sure if it is real or staged (if it is staged they did a damn good job). take a look.

weekend updates shortly.


Anonymous said...

Oh please...that was not real. Where do you find this crazy stuff?!?

Anonymous said...

there is no way that is real

Anonymous said...

that can't be real. omg - i still laughed very hard though! great for monday morning!

Jennifer said...

It is totally real. And no I will not do that....ever

Leah Billings said...

That made me laugh a lot...real or not.

Anonymous said...

it's real. i was there. that's me holding the camera.

Ashley said...

i saw that video...wicked sick. who would do that?

LT said...

Today Show is doing a piece on this thing this morning. 2 million-plus views. I think it's totally fake. Some good lines though. I like the part where she says it looks like Shirley Temple.

Susan said...

OH My Goodness! I love Esther who is just laughing at her friend...haha...what a bitch!

katandkarl said...

i know! esther is the reason i think it is not staged. because that is exactly what i think i would look like/feel like.

Anonymous said...

who is named esther? WNE (worst name ever!)

Anonymous said...

They were talking about this video on CNN last night. The newscasters thought it was fake. I mean, what kind of bridesmaids would videotape and laugh at their friend? My favorite line is the Shirley Temple one too.

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