i'm singing in the rain...

and there will be umbrellas damnit.

it's been raining all (literally) weekend. so there were tropical mango-ey beach-ey drinks with umbrellas to make it through. we stayed in and survived! more updating soon - i have WORK to do! And football to watch (the patriots are GOING DOWN RIGHT NOW. yea, that's right, Tom Brady, throw another interception....i am probably inserting foot in mouth as the patriots are second and one right now.)


Lauryl Lane said...

love your umbrella drinks. i miss you, kat. ;( lovelove.

melissa said...

Next time I do a football pool, I'm just going to pick names out of a hat!

Anonymous said...

go tommy boy, go! oh yeah! patriots and colts. can't wait.

brooke knight said...

those drinks are cute. we survived on spaghetti, mac and cheese, and BOURBON this weekend. and blankets!!!!

Anonymous said...

OVER. RATED. clap clap clap clap clap. stupid patriots. stupid colts. geeeeeez.

Sarah said...

peace out katty-kat. and stay dry. i don't want you to melt.

Jax said...


Ashley said...

i need a tasty beverage right now...please send to me! help! i cant take another min at work :(

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