I have a meeting SUNDAY. THE DAY OF REST!

Natalie Dee


you can all stop looking at my booty in the owl shorts now! ;) I used to have a pair of shorts with elephants on them that i was equally obsessed with. hmm. wonder what that says about me?

that last post was fun, eh? we will have to hit some more hot topics soon - i like hearing ya'lls (that is plural - you all S - yea, i learned it in the great state of Arkansas) opinions and arguements.

i am at lunch - briefly - work is crazy this week. i can't believe it is friday. i am glad it is friday. i get paid. paid. paid. and the john and the leslie robus are headed to the rock this weekend so that is a pleasant surprise!

my head is too filled with work and events and planning to blog anything terribly important. please leave a message if you have a terribly important topic you need me to consider blogging. i will get back to you as soon as possible. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEp.

oh and P.S. It is 63 degrees right now in LR. 6 - 3. January 12 ladies and gentlemen. happy sigh.


brooke knight said...

fuck your 63 degrees. it was like 60 here yesterday. now it is sleety and 20-something. fudge.

brooke knight said...

ps- little hootie with a bootie=potential winner of "funniest blog title, 2007"

Susan said...

I hope that Tulsa crap isn't headed our way! Weather usually moves West to East....right? It's supposed to rain all weekend here though. Bummer.

Jennifer said...

oh a fun 63 huh. Well it's about 85 in the Bahamas and I look like a Lobster! We come home tomorrow if we can get into Tulsa!!! Love love

melissa said...

76 in New Orleans!