little hootie with a bootie - she's got skillz

one item happy, one item sad

happy first: 1. my new owl booty shorts. given to me by BAK. owls rule. i forced karl to take my picture in said shorts last night and then complained about how fat i looked in every single picture until it got annoying and he made me stop. (must stop doing that; it really is annoying)

sad second: 2. we got a TU alum letter in the mail yesterday asking for a donation. On the envelope it said "Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Hills." First I felt really old (especially since the letter inside started "Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hills: I am a junior at TU....." and then i felt a little (lot) angry. WHERE IS MY NAME? How did my name get reduced to "MRS?!?!" I graduated from the same college, took the same classes and so on and so forth. I know it was some stupid form/merge letter, but it still made me feel weird. Does that mean I don't have my own identity in the alum database - i am just attached as 'spouse' to his??!!? Me no likey that thought. I didn't really enjoy changing my name when we married; i moved my maiden to my middle and even that was a little hard to swallow for me. But now, to be a "MRS" at age 25. THE HORROR!!! (a bit of sarcasm but i was truly a little freaked out by the envelope; you can now carry on with saying i am crazy if you like).

and, well folks, if these completely self-absorbed items are the ones that concern me (outside of more political issues like our environment, poverty, the increasing crime rate in my city, electing a new president, having a good job/insurance, feeding and clothing myself, ect. ect.) i guess i would have to say i am one lucky lady.


Leah Billings said...

I just don't get why us women are expected to changes our names. It's a progressive age...I think men should start having to change theirs. Maybe if we're lucky enough to get a female president this time around she'll make it a law. Cute shorty shorts btw.

Anonymous said...

The reason that women change their names (as opposed to men) is biblical. Proverbs says that women should be submissive to their husbands, and the idea of man before woman goes all the way back to Genesis, when God created woman from man. Woman is an extension of man. So not only does the name change show submisiveness, but it's also a symbol of the woman joining with the man to form a new bond. The husband and wife have essentially left their old lives to start a new one together. The shared last name honors the covenant of marriage. I don't really think that being in a "progressive age" has anything to do with it. You can't get too progressive for the Bible. Besides, isn't every age a progressive age, at least when compared with those prior? We've been progressing since the dawn of time. So I really don't think women should be disrespected by the idea that they should change their name to match their husband's. I think they should be honored to enter into a marriage where they can form a new bond with their husband, and the name change is a way to show their commitment to their husband and their obedience to God.

Leah Billings said...

If one feels so strongly about their beliefs you would think one would not be afraid to post their name along with their comment.

Anonymous said...

If one had a blogger account, one would. You wouldn't know me, anyway, so what does it really matter?

katandkarl said...

hey anonymous - i do appreciate your comment(s) and i do believe in the committment of marriage but it doesn't mean i don't feel some loss of identity by changing names. i just like the words/phrases "together" and "form a new bond" instead of "submissive" and "extension of man." i still honor my marriage in all the ways i interpret!

maybe we should all have to form a new name (combination of new and old last names). Hmmmm...maybe not. a little too pink is the new blog for me.

brooke knight said...

i really have heard of ppl doing that- the comboname - or both partners hyphenating. if i get one more wedding invitation or card or whatever from NOT my grandparents to MR AND MRS PAUL KNIGHT i might have to choke a bitch as well. grr!

ps yay hooties!

Sarah said...

dear mrs. hills,

anonymous left you a great post. anonymous sounds a little baptist, but don't tell her/him i said that.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about your name change is that your name doesn't rhyme anymore : ( Too bad Karl's last name wasn't Schmoran or something...


Anonymous said...

ooh, look at me, not a blogger, yet not anonymous....
i guess i'm too late for the revival, dammit. i've always known that when i marry i'll change my last name. no because i am anyone's property (even god's) but because it's just what you do. unless i marry someone whose last name is smegma or something.

care said...

so, I had this problem a while ago--even AFTER I was divorced. The people at TU couldn't get it right. At one point I'd finally gotten them to put it as Carrie R and Justin K, but seeing as how we were already divorced at this point it was STILL wrong. It took talking to someone at TU who was herself divorced in order to FINALLY get it right. yeesh.

Susan said...

I'm with changing our last names...I'm also with moving the maiden to the middle...or else no body recognizes you at least for a while. I figure Seth has to change every other aspect of his life so I can change my nominclature .... hehe...jk
P.S. There's a whole owl line of clothes at Gymboree (kiddo clothing). On sale. Cute. If you have any sorority sisters that are expecting.

melissa said...

Was your sorority symbol/mascot (I don't know what you call it) an owl? Oh, that's too funny. In a good way.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Well, this is fun. :) Dramalamadingdong.

Stacia said...

Cute shorts!!! And I use my maiden name and a lot of documents,checking account, etc!

Angela said...

love the shorts...and my new last name :)

Anonymous said...

whoa, skip out on blogger for awhile and you really miss a lot. i think everyone who knows me; knows how i feel about anonymous and how hard it is for me not to respond. aren't you proud of me?

Jax said...

My friend in Tulsa wouldn't change her name and the people at the marriage license desk snubbed her and didnt give her the little basket they were giving to newlyweds! LOL!..

Ashley said...

send me some owl shorts. me want some too.

ps- i am not changing my name when that magically day finally comes
west coast is life!

Anonymous said...

wow what a response! i'm not going there though -

i just wanted to tell you that john and I will be in the rock this weekend. we will have to get together sat. nite!!!

brooke knight said...

what the eff? i didnt get a basket at the marriage license place! B!S!

Pam Knight said...

That sort of thing really irks me, and I've been married over 32 years!

My husband and I went to the same university, and our alumni mail comes with both of our names - one on each line - or to just one of us, depending on the source and subject of the mailing. He went to graduate school there, and I went to college there.

This is an easy database/mail merge fix. TU should know better!

Chandle said...

I was going to change my name, and they already asked for it for my Masters diploma. I had to call them and tell them to please print a new diploma, I am not getting married. This little experience has me resolved to never change my name. besides, I sound like a fabulous drag queen.

Lauryl Lane said...

well, you all know how i feel about name changes... actually, i don't care. whatever floats your boat. but i am sososo happy that i didn't change mine. and the woman at the marriage license counter at the courthouse in tulsa totally was a bitch to me once i said i wasn't changing my name. out here, it's much more common. poo on stinky tulsa people (not any of you, of course). tu still sends alum stuff to each of us individually. they are def. aware that we are married, but i guess since we don't have the same name, we haven't been merged in the computer system. but let me tell you, there are plenty of people who address stuff to us as "Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Threadgill." it drives me nuts. if it's an honest mistake, fine, but i think some of the extended family does it on purpose...

oh, love your hooties. and i love that quote from anon..."Woman is an etension of man. So not only does the name change show submissiveness..." Give me a break. Yet another reason to be turned off by organized religion... ;)

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