Dear Weekend, where did you go?

the requisite cool kids pics! we had a low-key weekend - helped trevor and brooke celebrate his birthday at the oyster bar! (red beans and rice didn't miss me.) some additional hanging out happened w/ elizabeth and kristen (see our sea of brown picture).

this no tv thing is working out for me.
i reorganized my entire kitchen sunday.
things i learned:
1) we could survive for maybe a week - maybe - from the food from our pantry. if that.
2) we had some peanut butter. i scoffed at all the people FREAKING out about peanut butter. karl checked the lot # online. ours was recalled! and almost empty. oops. we threw it away.
3) we don't need one million bottles of seasonings (i used to work for a spice wholesale company in STL so i brought my stockpile of spices and seasoning with me to yee-haw arkansas. yea, three years ago. if i haven't used you in three years and you're all clumped up in little spicey balls, you go in the trash.)
4) i am going to cook more now that my kitchen is more functional (i didn't actually LEARN this so much as dare to hope it might be true).
5) we have a plethora of corning ware. plethora. corning ware. hehe.
6) we also have a plethora of koozies (or coolie cups as some of us might call them - what the hell is a koooozie?) from events we didn't know about and never attended.

my two shows were: grey's and the amazing race. not watching anything again till wednesday. i even went to the gym today and worked out (interval cardio scuplt for one hour thank you very much!) for the first time in a long time (real workout vs. walking the dogs). i just rejoined my old gym (yea DAC!!) and now they have TVs attached to every single tread mill and eliptical! hahaha. go figure. oh, well, i am there to go to class and get skinnY.


Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm so glad your second show was Amazing Race. That is my FAVORITE show. Who are you routing for? I like the blonds/Barbies. I know I am the only one, but I also like Rob and Amber. Especially Amber. Don't you think it is unfair that Uchenna and Joyce are racing, considering they already WON their season? Let someone else have a turn!!!

melissa said...

you can do sidebends or sit-ups, but please don't lose that butt. xox

Anonymous said...

Kat we need you back at the DAC. Then afterward, you can go and see Carl. IYKWIM ;)

Anonymous said...

hi love i like your labels the best!

Susan said...

You did?! Cool. Is Amy and Tracey still there? How are the classes? Do you miss my company? I wish I could work out. I almost fell down (balance way off due to 20 lb belly) trying to stop a soccer ball that flew over the goal at Mary's girls' practice today. Anyhow...I had recalled peanut butter too. I heard about it on the news, but didn't even look til my Mom insisted...funny how everyone is more concerned about your health when you're carrying their grandbaby/son/ nephew/etc...anyways...it was half-eaten as well. I threw it away...but mainly cause it expired last Nov. Oops!
P.S. My Mom still has spices in her cabinet from before I was born. You can tell by the packaging. I don't think they go bad, do they?
P.S.S. This wins the prize for the longest comment post evah....muhhaahhh (evil laugh).

Sarah said...

hi. i like your scarf. and your headband. you look ooober cute-ee-cute.

Anonymous said...

Spices don't go bad, they just lose all their flavor. That's why mommy's food tastes so bland.

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