Corners of My HOME: Volume IV

on this rainy saturday i am posting my CMH4. (sorry - one day late!) This little guy rests of my window ledge (we don't say windowsill in my house. i shudder at the word sill. and moist. and ointment. they hurt my teeth and tongue to even type). anyway this little hootie (a gift from daddy-o), well, his head comes off and you can put things in him. he is like two inch tiny so i use him as my ring holder. he can't hold much more than that. everyday after work i walk through the door and deposit my rings in him. love him. and can't stand wearing my rings to cook and clean in so it works out perfectly.

i have so many corners i want to share. i spent some time this morning (after sleeping in until almost 11!!!) taking some photographs of it all. so now i have some stock. though i already had some stock last week and didn't use it because i got inspired by my little buddy. eh, whatever.

so the tv thing. i haven't gone totally off the tube. i am allowed two one hour shows per week and one movie per week. weeks are wednesday to wednesday. so far i have watched grey's
and karl and i watched a movie last night... so i have ONE HOUR left until wednesday. the funniest thing about this whole thing is that karl has been watching tv - and i hear the sounds of things i would never (or not normally) watch like old star wars movies, goonies, and guns instead of my normal abc family or reality tv programs. since we only have the one tv - did i really deprive him of these things for so long? is that bad?

it is pouring down rain here in the rock. arlo is hiding under the desk (he no likey the thunder) where karl is working and rox is curled up next to me on the couch. (shhh... don't tell she is on the furniture). i do believe i am off to organize my kitchen. maybe if it is organized, i will feel more compelled to cook in it more often instead of spending millions eating out! these are my goals: de-clutter, organize, and get rid of the "noise" so i can focus on goals that are important to me instead of getting bogged down! but more on that soapbox later - enjoy your weekends!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. But while it was raining on Saturday, didn't you guys do something fun on Sunday? And meet some really cool people?

Anonymous said...

it's already feb 26th. mmm.... march.... miss you. xox

Stacia said...

Isn't he cute!!!

Anonymous said...

That's not weird. I hate when people wear rings while they wash their hands or worse, put on lotion. Ewww!

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