a word from your fearless, tvless leader

so. we were really good at the fat part of fat tuesday. er. fat monday i guess. (in anticipation of fatty tues of course!) this shot depicts jennifer and i in our comfy pants after pigging out on some pf changs. literally eating our weight in changity chang. we took a break after the food to play on our lap tops and then hit the wall of chocolate. no, really, it's a real dessert called the wall of chocolate. WALL. being semi-athletic, i don't really like the word WALL... so we just kept our eye on the end goal and don't you worry, we plowed through like champs and polished it off. i'm just not sure if the end goal was finishing or vomiting.

fat tuesday continued the fat chain - cheese dip and margaritas at El Porton with some boys and girls (and a fabulous hair cut and satisyingly rippy eyebrow waxing from ms. emily prior to the copious amount of mardi gras food and drink) mmmmmm cheese dip. mmmmmmmm tacos. bad girls and boys. oh well! now we can diet and stuff...er... er.... crap. i am going to have to say the LR Mardi Gras celebration was a bit lame. In this instance, STL outshines LR by miles and miles and miles. sigh. maybe i should try and be IN CHARGE of it next year - think it would get BIGGEEEEERRRR? i think it is going to take a change in people's basic MARDI GRAS mind set for LR to "get it" and it probably ain't ever gonna happen here? oh well.. one night. a week night (old lady comment ahead) at that so we didn't party too hard anyway!

on to LENT: today is DAY #1: no television! so far so good and i have been home from work for about an hour now! Aren’t you PROUD? Hahahaha. Sorry I haven't posted Su's cute ass shower invite; I am addressing them right now. I feel like the people who are actually coming should view them first. They are going in the mail tonight! And can I just say that 1. i have nice handwriting and 2. i adore addressing envelopes. adore it. (like won't buy those stupid return addy labels because i like writing on envelopes that much!) Don't consider it time wasted at all. Which is good. I am taking my time. NO TV FOR YOU! What is on the BOOB TUBE tonight? (and where did that awful phrase even come from?!!) Regardless, I won't be watching! I will, however, be sitting at my computer, listening to Pandora, licking pretty envelopes, ALL WINDOWS OPEN AND ATTIC FAN ON. yea, that's right. my attic fan is on and all the windows are open. And I am in a tank top. Spring Fever here I am. Is there such a thing as SUMMER FEVER (in february!!?!!) Oh you just know these last lingering Feb days are going to take FOREVER.


Anonymous said...

oh, my precious little kat... mama loves your enthusiasm for handwriting. i like mine too! looks like you j-j-j-jenny had a blast. BIG CONGRATS on giving up tv. you are a shining beacon of bravery for all of us... especially since america's next top model starts on the 28th! am i the only human on earth who likes that show? xox

Susan said...

I shaved and put on shorts this morning! Excitement for Spring!
Seth and I watched American Idol last night and this batch of contestants seems to suck, so you're not missing much on that show, believe me. Like they're way horrible compared to previous seasons. There's like 4 girls that were good. Didn't see any guys the night before, but apparently they weren't impressive either.

Stacia said...

You are going to miss Grey's????

Elizabeth Spann said...

PS, I like the wine bottle in your hand in the picture. :) Don't think I don't see that.

Anonymous said...

i'm with you melissa. i think she is crazy for missing antm. i don't think i could do it. the wall sounds delicious. sorry i missed you, jenny. next time baby, oh yeah!

Leah Billings said...

Absolutely no TV?? Sad as it is to say, I could not do it. I could give up some, but certainly not Grey's or ANTM. You're a strong lady.

Anonymous said...

OMG MORE PEOPLE LIKE ANTM?!? this may be the greatest day of my life.

Anonymous said...

i just can't stay inside all day. gotta get out, get me some of those ray ay ays

Anonymous said...

Kat, this is your friend, Mr. TV. I miss you. Please turn me on. I won't bother you. Just sit and enjoy yourself. .....

See, that's what the TV wants you to think, but don't fall for it. You're too smart, Mrs. KAT.
Now, I've got to run and catch Grey's. Mr. McDonald is too cute!
abpg friend

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