happy bday daddy-o.

just want to take a second to say happy b-day to my daddy-o (celebrated on Sat. the 17th). Though I don't like February it does have some great birthdays of friends and family. this pic is from karl and my rehersal dinner (get ready for your aaaaaawwwww moment of the day). Dad is wearing the same tie he wore to our first father/daughter dance in high school when i was a wee little freshman *complete with my tigger friend on it* Happy Birthday, OLD TIMER!
Let's see, this weeks list:
  • It's Monday.
  • I was more productive this past Sunday than I think I have been in the last three months combined (pertaining to house and home organizational work).
  • I am feeling positive about the old jobby job and am not going to be negative about it anymore. i allow positive thoughts only. i am learning. (and whoever left the comment below can bug off!)
  • I think Sunday's productivity was due to one thing: i am debating about giving up television for Lent and this weekend was a test. And I passed. And exceeded my own expectations! so i think i might do it (with some stipulations like two shows a week or something!)
  • I got Su's & Seth's shower invites done! I will post them tomorrow so you can see how freaking cute they are. i am in love with them. you will be too. i promise.
  • Over the weekend we tried GEOCACHING with Elizabeth and Jeremy and i liked it. a lot. we are going to set up our own amazing race series in LR. er... something.
  • The weekend was pretty lame. And I liked it.
  • Jennifer Lenore Barrow is on her way in town for work and we are going to have DINNER. yea.
  • ummm... i think that is all i got for you. seems like there was something else....hmmm... stay tuned tomorrow for the shower invite!


Anonymous said...

no tv for real? hmm... you're a brave little toaster.

Susan said...

I've been debating what to give up myself...seems like I've given up all the bad stuff since becoming preggo....any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Geocaching seems cool. That is how my brother proposed to my sister-in-law. He set up a whole fake one and when they got there, she found the ring. Kind of sweet, huh?

Sarah said...

cutttie pic of you and your daddy-o.

i think i am going to do cola products for lent. i'd say fizzie beverages in general, but that might include beer.

Elizabeth Spann said...

I still can't decide what to give up for Lent. Or if I will. Help me decide! :)
We should try to meet up tonight at some point....
Let's go to the parade at 8!

Anonymous said...

Please, please don't give up TV for lent. NO! what about Survivor, American Idol, Beverly Hills 90210, and the rest of them?
Why don't you give up something else. Like driving, eating or sleeping. You can't live without tv.
Anyway, we miss you here at abpg.
please come home.
mjf iii

Sarah said...

the only major problem with this picture is that you were not wearing the navy and grey striped shirt. gaw.

Anonymous said...

your photos is purdy
xxoo a.love