Corners of my home: Volume III

Yes I am aware there are two pictures, and not both are from my home.

The first is from my home - and it is my corner of the week - our desk!! (get excited - isn't it "cute" hahah... maybe not so cute; we actually got the desk from the Secret Service Office in the Stephens Building that is on the same floor as Karl's office because they were giving it away (remodeling) and it is freaking heavy and obsenely large and karl and i were the only ones there to move it and i was less than helpful and some nice man of the facilities staff helped us and i will forever be thankful to that guy and now that it takes up literally 1/2 of a room in my teeny house i want to get rid of it but we *and by we i mean karl and our neighbor Bill Dauterive* had to disassemble it to get it through our door and so i feel guilty getting it out and i don't want to buy a new desk right now so it stays. and i like run on sentences that tell stories I wasn't intending to share in the first place. Breathe.) ANYWAY our desk as you can see contains three computers. two people. three computes. i find this amusing. the reason i chose the computers as my corner this week is because i was on said computers last night until my eyes were closing trying to finish some stuff. (thank you to my husband for forcing me to work when i didn't want to! and don't worry it was for us (Simple Click Design) NOT my office. i don't do that anymore)

Speaking of THE OFFICE... that brings me to picture #2 and funny Kat Office Stories of the Day. I like them. They make me laugh. You don't have to read them. This morning I got to the office to find like a 10 page scribbled out note on scratch paper with a hand-written to do list from my boss to me. hand written to do list. that didn't really make sense. there were #'ed items but they were all #'ed weird with arrows and scribbles and things underlined like "if it can be done in 30 minutes or less" (so i guess start and when i get to thirty minutes scrap... most of them were easily under 30 min. tasks anyway). It seriously probably took him a long time to make this list - longer than it took me to follow up on it i think and longer than it probably would have taken him to just DO some of the things since he was excruciatingly specific on some of them. (you guys may remember he has given me a project based on this before.) anyhoo, i could FEEL my little heart pitter pattering a little faster out of annoyance and i thought i shouldn't let it get to me... so i gave the sheets of papers a nice, satisfying accidental TOTALLY ON PURPOSE rip in half. and POOF all bad energy was released. then i used a massive amount of time and TAPE that our company can't afford putting them back together again. then i felt MUCHO better and spent the rest of the morning finishing them all up - in addition to the 8 million other things i had to do! yea for being busy though. (the pic shows my ripped up pages and some taped pages and my little TAPE! holder may it rest in peace after this roll is gone!) (and, yes, i realize i am being bratty and overdramatic and a bit bitter but i must try and maintain some sanity!)


Leah Billings said...

I remember when the Secret Service remodeled and Karl's office had to downsize because of it, which left me having to cram a million cubicles into a very small space. Ahh, the joys of corporate interior design.
Also, loved the work story. I have a special place in my heart that holds the hatred that I have for office work (which to me meant doing all the crap things the people in charge of you don't want to do) and being told to do things a certain way that you know is not the best way to do them. Can you tell I hated working in an office??

Elizabeth Spann said...

Sigh.... seriously. What is wrong with everyone but us (ie employers and students)?

Susan said...

Is your bosses name "Chuck" by any chance? Cause sounds like a boss I know named Chuck....just wondering..... :)

Kristy said...

Just thought you should know that February must be bosses being jerks month. My department chair tossed the work that I spent weeks, and I mean WEEKS on for placement of students and threw it out the window. She did whatever she wanted. Never mind that I was teaching and in school and looking for a house, and I was sick when it needed to be finished. I nearly lost it yesterday. February sucks!

Sarah said...

white out is great for drawing all over colored file folders.

brooke knight said...

god i love office supplies. it sucks that your boss is such a dbag.

Anonymous said...


You're fired.

-Your Boss

P.S. Did you really think I wouldn't read your website? Brilliant.

katandkarl said...


1. my boss would never use the word brilliant.
2. my boss would never use the letters "p.S."
3. my boss would not sign - your boss.
4. my boss would talk to me about this blog and not fire me over it.

so f right off.
that wasn't funny.
at all.

i don't mind anon comments but not a hole ones.

Anonymous said...

who is anonymous comment leaver? most annoying person ever.

get a life.

Anonymous said...

People should read this.