yet another reason i love living in a digital world

a- the amount of blogging going on lately has made me a very happy girl (and so has google reader. for real. it rocks.)

b - as a certifiable "list freak" i adore the quantity of lists being written in the sphere

c - i like carrie's letter usage instead of numbers for the blogging list so i am switching for the day

d - so far V-day has been fun - there are so many ridiculous and entertaining valentine's day gifts on the internet and in the blogosphere i just can't help but laugh - picture case in point. Check out this article with some other V-day Funnies - the nintendo cake is truly awesome. and i don't even like nintendo. and here is a link to some great links - so you don't get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of v-day funnies out there. i might be finding some room in my heart for holidays (gasp!).

e - v-day also marks the half way point of this dreadful month. except in leap years. which makes v-day in a leap year particularly annoying. (heart frozen over again).

f - my boss wants me to use a GLUE STICK to keep track of some reciepts - previously i had to tape them to a piece of paper and keep them in a binder - and aparantly tape is too expensive so we must resort to glue. i haven't even held a glue stick since kindergarten.

g - the war rages on at work. this morning i was asked to clean up my desk - which isn't a total mess but is cluttery. but i can find what i want on it in a heartbeat. it is now absolutely immaculate - every drawer is empty, all piles have been trashed or put in a file (maybe never to be found again!). which is fine. i actually feel pretty good about my clutter-free work space.

h - i will take a picture of his workspace to show you at a latter date. i am going to get fired for blogging about the office but if i can't laugh about it i might have another fit - and we all know that isn't a good thing.

i - i i i i i

j - b&g finale tonight - megan&scooter better win b/c CECE G is an idiot.

k - my lunch is over. must go.

l - for LOOOOOOOOOOOVE. how appropriate.


Anonymous said...

raarrr! i'm a valentine's day dinosaur! tell your boss to eat a... you probably know where i'm headed with that. cute list. cute panties. call me soon because baby misses you. xox

Leah Billings said...

I read an article the other day about how some people are wired to be more productive in a "cluttered" environment. It basically said that organization is relative (to a certain degree). Too bad you can't wear a t-shirt to work that says that.

Anonymous said...

(Hey, thanks for the Ladder link!) PS: I'm all about some Google Reader these days. I just dumped Bloglines, but it was a good breakup, fortunately. Meanwhile, I've set up the proverbial "wedding blog" via Wordpress, which is pretty sweet. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Loved B&G tonight. Wasn't Nate so adorable?

Elizabeth Spann said...

Poor Nate.

care said...

I like it that c is for carrie. :) and hooray for letter listage.

funny underoos and funny articles. high-five on the nerdiness that's abundant in this post.

and if you have to get the glue stick spend the extra seventeen cents and go for one that's purple--it's more fun that way. how weird though. I mean, tape is CHEAP.