COMH vol 5. the gps.

in preperation for the LITTLE ROCK MARATHON! (THIS SUNDAY PEOPLE!!) i thought i would share with you some training stats from karl's gps watch. he got the watch at christmas time so he has been clocking for only a couple of months.

since he has been tracking he has run this:
miles: 114.5
Time: 21hrs 17min (almost one whole day!)

calories: 26,298 (that is about 7.5 pounds in calories, right? 1 pound = 3500 calories)

He will be running this Sunday - the whole 26.2 miles. wish him luck! call me if you want to come watch the ending! (Race starts at 8; expected finish around 4-5 hours later!)


Anonymous said...

iye iye iye! kick some marathon *ss coach karl! i wish i could be at the finish line with a double cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

good luck karl!! :-)
(3500 calories = 1 LB)

Anonymous said...

i love that the watch is next to the aleve.
good luck, karl!

katandkarl said...

thanks a love for the caloric update!

Elizabeth Spann said...

Way to go, Karl! That's the cooooooolest.

Leah Billings said...

You are a stronger man than I. Wait!, I'm not a man...well, you know what I mean. Good Luck!

Susan said...

Wow. One day, when I'm not pregnant or out of shape, I will run a marathon too. Just to say I did it. And, Kat will be there next to me and we'll hold hands as we cross the finish line...just like our first 10K...awww....tear!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Karl. Don't DIE!!!

Matt said...

Good luck Karl. Be sure to look for my dad out there. The rest of the family is just doing the first half.

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