COMH Volume SEh-vahn.

yep, a hello kitty toilet seat cover! hahahahahahah. don't you love it? i do.

gift from mama linda!

have a good weekend everyone! i believe i am having houseguests in the form of brooke apkkkkkkkker and waqueline wells. possibly one. possibly both. we'll see where the weekend takes us!


Anonymous said...

(i'm rapping this if you can imagine)
uh huh yeah yeah weekend bitches
iye iye iye weekend
what what it's the end of the week y'all
monday what monday who


brooke knight said...

i had a witty comment here but blogger ate it. what the crap.

Susan said...

Dern, wish I could meet up with ya'll, (ain't no party like a Tulsa-brought party...sorry in the theme of rapping...) but I'll be weddinging-it up all weekend and am outty Sunday to Sunny Florida!

Sarah said...

yay to the kitty

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