silkey to the screeney

great weekend! relaxing happy time. brooke was here. audra and mike came over; all of us sat outside b/c the weather here is AMAZING! lots of attic fan love this weekend.

brooke & i have also decided to play around with some silk screening stuff so we made the above tshirts this weekend! it was a trial and error kind of weekend - we are learning lots and it is quite entertaining! we have a couple of other shirts in progress - will keep you updated!
p.s. i designed the new header for the blog all by myself. i'm pretty much in love with it. trying to give the old blog a fresh LOOK. you know for spring and all.


brooke knight said...

we pretty much rule.

melissa said...

Awesome header...I wanna learn!

katandkarl said...

still working out kinks to make the header look right - it looked right on my screen at home, but i think i need to adjust some things!

will post instructions for all when i get it right.

Anonymous said...

love it

Sarah said...

love your header. love your shirt. you made that shirt. fantabulous. when did i start writing things like fantabulous? we had a looong wedding weekend, but much fun. i'll post pics whenever i get some. i forgot to charge my camera. booo for me. okay cutsee.......what about brian season finale tonight.

Leah Billings said...

Cute x2.

Stacia said...

The header is tooo cute!! And the shirt as well ;)

the day's said...

that was my college job!! designing t-shirts for sorority\fraternity folk at ole miss....i could talk about screen printing artwork for hours! good luck to ya... the shirt looks great.

care said...

i thought of you yesterday. i was on the phone with a "do what"-er.


also, cute tee!

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