polllenation station, er, nation

ok the joke is bad but THE POLLEN IS EVERYWHERE!! it's coating my car (i think it gives it a little something extra, really). i don't have bad allergies to pollen or privit or any of those outdoor thingeys. (what is PRIVIT anyway - all i know is the girl i work with can't stop complaining about it?) BUT i am sorry for everyone who does in Arkansas & wherever (namely my husband who is quite swolled up in the eyeball area). This pic shows the cest pool of pollen at the end of my driveway after the sort of rain today! pollen insanity. i know. my life is crazy.

what does the pollen look like where you live? www.pollen.com

ah. tuesday. i haven't taken a day off in a long time. i REALLY wanted to stay in bed this morning. i think i need at least a day! all this lame talk about pollen and work.


Anonymous said...

dude i have a white car which is now yellow from all the pollen. i luckily am not a allergic but certainly a little annoyed. and the rain really helped make it look nicer.... ewwww... xox

melissa said...

I just got done reading this:

Karl, I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Sad that I didnt get to come play.. but I love the silky screeny!!! :) The pollen on the other hand makes me pukey.. It looks like a picture from google earth.. yeah.. thats waht I thought it was at first.. lol!!

Unknown said...

tell karl he needs to go see my uncle--er--his allergist.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hello lover-
The new blog layout looks fab. Let's hang out soon when I get back. :)