Easter in St Louis. I felt like I was in fast forward.

kristy's house is absolutely gorgeous - i'm in love with her colors. two shades of green in the kitchen people - how could you not love that?!?!!? we had such a great time at her housewarming. why is it called a housewarming anyway? whatever, it was freezing in STL!

those two middle girls? isabel and wendy? yep, they are both going to be big sisters this fall. that's right - jenny&jake are pregnant and expecting in october, bridget&brian are pregnant and expecting in november!

top pics featuring maxie man and his ladies!!! maxwell is approaching the fifty pound mark at which time we will all have a fabulous PARTY!!


Anonymous said...

So, how did Lent go with no/little TV?

melissa said...

hope your thingy went well today. keep me posted pretty lady. love love.

brooke knight said...

cutie cute cute