more cowbell

i have been a bit MIA lately due to an upcoming conference in Rogers (next week!!!). I am to the stressed, nervous, but still feeling like it is all coming together part! i am tired, i am cranky, and i don't want to think about who is in charge of the vendor nametags anymore, or if our national booth will get to the office on time so we can display it at the event, or if our speakers are flying into the wrong airport *because there is more than one in the state of Arkansas despite what some think* or the color of the speaker and sponsor ribbons, or if i have enough volunteers coordinated to help me with a variety of things, or if the yogurt we are serving is low fat or fat free (yup, discussions about yogurt my friends! ahhh what a glorious job!)

let's see what else is new in the hills household?

my photographer (wedding) emailed me to say that our pics are on theknot.com! Here is the link ... they are pretty much the same ones that were featured in the knot magazine we were in a few months ago er... some time ago. i can't remember. anyway, i love it how theknot.com makes everything sound so GLAM. do you guys remember the dance floor where we danced just steps away from the enclosed wine garden? ;) looking back hair/veil, photography, and floral decisions = happy bride. i know it's a bit superficial but whatever. good husband decision went with them so i'm allowed to indulge in details sometimes! i wish we could have sent them our happy little orange and pink square invites.

what else?

trying to set the hills summer schedule/calendar so if you need to request a weekend with either kat or karl the form should be available soon. for now, please leave your requests in the comments.


Susan said...

Birthday plans for Kat-a-pillar...what are they? It's right around the corner. I'd like to request a dinner date or something. We need to celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music...yeah....call me.

Jennifer said...

Can we celebrate your bday when Jeff and I are there on the 27th??

I would like to celebrate with some damgood pies. Fun

Anonymous said...

I an requesting the last weekend on June for a cousin get together. Also Chris and Melissa's wedding on Aug.17th 2007 and the birth of another Costa Nov. 8th ish.

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