ready, ready, ready ready to run

My brain is fried so you are getting a random, listy blog - to-doish of all that is going on right now!

1. Wrapping up the job. I will be done this week – possibly coming in next Monday and Tuesday to finalize some stuff. Which sucks but no biggie.
2. There is a lot I will miss about this job! I have learned A SHIT TON. Yep, shit ton. Sorry, inappropriate! But I really have learned quite a bit that I hope to retain.
3. Um… I need to take my dogs to the vet so they can get shot.
4. I need to get passports for myself and karl for Puerto Vallarta (yes I had to look up the spelling.)
5. I need to start the invites for Jenny and Jeff’s engagement par-tay. A date is officially set: June 9. Tulsa, OK.
6. Oh and her bachelorette – officially same weekend as homecoming. Friday night.
7. I am drinking a delish Red Machine Nakey Juice and eating melba toasts. SUPERFOOD!
8. I need to lose 10 pounds and get an insta-tan before next week when I go to Florida. Hmmmmm… I think not.
9. Working out is going well! Working out will go even better when I start at Arkansas Business as I will be able to walk to the gym during lunch if I feel like it!
10. I am blogging b/c I was getting annoyed at other bloggers for not updating and then realized I HAVEN’T EITHER! So here I am! Not really annoyed so much as things are winding down here at work and I have time to click on through!
11. I need to fill my car up. With Gas. Gas here yesterday $2.81 I believe.
12. It rained all morning. Rain, Rain, Go Away. Come back later tonight when I am sleepy.
13. Su & Seth are coming over for dinner and computer ordering TONIGHT! I can’t wait to see her belly. She is in the HOME STRETCH. I’m going to feed little Settler Griffin Mulhearn some of my delish mashed potatoes. Start spoiling him early. Yum.
14. Home Stretch. That is my new favorite phrase. Not sure where it came from.
15. I need new screen doors.
16. I need a new bed.
17. I need to paint my kitchen.
18. I need to deep clean my bathroom.
19. I need to blog more.
20. I need to remember to dvr ANTM tonight!
21. Oh and my birthday is next week.
22. Is my favorite number.

That is all. Goodbye. Happy lunches.


care said...

yay for lists.

do you just buy your nakey juice at the grocery store? I want to buy it in bulk so it's cheaper!!!

you know you are in the home stretch too, right? :) yay for the old-new jobbage.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Hooray fo you, Miss Kat. I so proud.
PS, don't take your dogs to the vet to get SHOT! :)

melissa said...

a listy comment:
2. it is never inappropriate to say shit.
8. you do not need to lose an ounce.
22. is my favorite number also :)

Anonymous said...

No need for passpaorts for Puerto Vallarta. Besides the wait time is long right now. Friend of mine of just got back with no trouble.

Leah Billings said...

Whoa! Now that was a list. You are officially the queen of list making. :)

Anonymous said...

you need a xanex is what you need!