Not Complaing Just Observing!

This is not a complaint blog, just an observation blog.

Observation A: When someone is eating something, do we really need to comment on it? Case in point: This morning I went to Starbucks - something I have NEVER done in my year plus of working here; not one time. They opened a new Starbucks on Broadway (that makes six! in Little Rock I think – we are moving on up!) and I had some time and I have recently become addicted to tall caramel frappaccinos, so I decided to go. I ordered my drink and got some banana bread…. Yum, right? I get to work and have literally just taken my first bite when my coworker walks over to inspect my meal and observes “wow that’s a nice fattening breakfast.” Now I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it and I still enjoyed every last bite/sip (and slurped my whipped cream extra loud when I finished my FAT drink!) but COME ON! Why do people do that? If I want to digest 3,000 calories with breakfast you better BACK OFF!! I’m sure I mentioned this before but Susan and I when we worked together at Arkansas Business would eat the most random breakfasts (to the horror of our coworkers) like left over lasagnas, mashed potatoes, pizza, etc. It may look gross or fattening to you but do you really have to say it out loud? FILTER, people.

Observation B: Speaking of calories, my “fat jeans” are getting loose once again. SO THERE. I can have all the Starbucks I want! ;) I will also be joining a workout challenge at my gym. More on this later. It’s hardcore.

Observation C: This one is really more of a question. WHAT THE HECK IS PRIVIT?!?!? And who is allergic to it? I’m serious. What is it? If I never hear the word privit again I will not be sad. PRIVIT. PRIVIT. PRIVIT. Aparentely it’s “really bad” this time of year. WHAT IS IT? (OKAY fine this one counts as more of a complaint.)

Observation D: This observation is not intended to be mean in any way, shape, or form. I’m just quite curious about it. I will try not to be specific to the person… no one reading this would know the family anyway but I mean no ill harm by the observation. ANYWAY, someone I know has a child that is a freshman in high school here in town. This particular person has pretty regular conversations with her child’s teachers – different, class-specific teachers about his homework and/or performance in school. So I guess my observation/question is, is this really necessary? (Teacher friends!?!?! What do you think!?). At what age/point does your child need you to stop interfering with homework and course selection and, well, school? I asked my mom about it a few weeks ago and she said my parents were involved with the school (dances and required p/t conferences) but never felt the need to interfere with classes or class selection. I’m sure to a certain extent it is child specific – if your child is getting in trouble all the time, I can see interfering. However, I read an article last week about parents calling their kids college professors on their behalf! I mean, really? Don’t you want to teach your child to be independent? I don’t know, I’m not a parent or a teacher. I’m sure it is easier said than done. Just OBSERVING. And taking notes on fostering independence for my future babies perhaps.

Observation E: WOW! I have time to eat and blog at lunch instead of working straight through! Hope you enjoy my loony bin ramblings. Pictures and COMH tomorrow. Three blogs in three days. Can you handle it? I feel like I am emerging from some underwater, unhappy place. And you get to hear all about it! Cross my little heart.


Anonymous said...

that's gross that someone would comment on your food. i don't like when people notice me eating. as i wrote that it sounded a little crazy. ok scratch that...i don't care what they say.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Observation D: Parents should NOT interfere in college. Period. Otherwise, it depends on what you mean by interfering: wanting to know how their child is doing? or nagging the teacher?
Here's what I do know (at the junior high level), the parents who DO come to PT conferences are generally not the ones who NEED to come. They usually have the A and B students. It seems there is a correlation of parental involvement and success at that age (not just for that reason, but others). Now, beyond jr. high, I think you have to start letting the kid fend for themselves & take their own consequences for their work (or lack thereof).
Sorry. Rant.

melissa said...

observation m (for melissa): if that damn banana bread wasn't so good, i'd have thrown it at your sweet little breakfast bitch. in addition, my mother was about as protective and involved and SUFFOCATING as anyone ever, but never once did she have teacher friends. otherwise i may have had to bury her in the backyard.

care said...

uh, you can eat what you want to. I HATE it when people say that kinda stuff. I also hate it when people call sushi fish bait. Or say "oh, I hate lattes" or whatever.

it is especially bad when they get all offended 'cause your reply is "oh, goodie, more for me!"

excellent observations, fo' sho.

Leah Billings said...

I bet that lady was just jealous that she wasn't eating such a delicious breakfast. Oh, and yea for you with the fat jeans loose-ness! How exciting.

brooke knight said...

i agree with e-beth to a large degree on obv. 4- but i also must note this: some private school parents are NUCKING FUTS. like i am frightened of them. no seriously.

and about obv 1: WHAT A DOUCHETARDED STUPID ASS THING TO MOTHER EFFING SAY. eff whoever said that. eff 'em in the A!

Kristy said...

High School parents either think that they do not have to pay attention to their kids at all which normally results in a failing student who is a pain in the ass. OR they call constantly. I have a parent who calls to "check in." One day I am just going to yell "WE HAVE ONLINE GRADES! LOOK UP HER GRADE AND ONLY CALL ME IF SHE IS IN TROUBLE ABOUT TO FAIL!!!"

I do not have time to deal with 100 sets of parents. And the ones I need to talk to do not care. Let your kid make their own choices and decisions! If you don't then they become dependent whiny little babies!

(Ok, it was the wrong day to ask me after I sat with 4 girls who did half a problem and stopped to ask me if it was right so far.... Just do the stupid problem!
Some kids cannot even write their names on their paper without asking if they are doing it correctly-- it's high school. If you don't know, then you don't belong here!)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

pretty sure that if the "breakfast voyer" has a fat f-ing eye, your breakfast will look alot less appealing for comments. that is my observation! MEOW.

Anonymous said...

OMG,one of my co-workers said the same thing to me this morning when I walked in with a Sonic bag. Let me remind you that I always bring breakfast from home of either cereal, fruit, toast,etc...(get my point?) Anyway, I thought to myself "If I want to eat greasey,fattening Sonic on a damn Friday, I damn sure will!"
Sorry, bet you didn't know that this was a very touchy subject for a hormonal pregnant girl!!!

Stacia said...

Great observations~ How about the coworker who checks out your salad and then grabs a crouton off of it~ yes she should draw back a nub, but I was too shocked to say a word!!GROSSES ME OUT!

Susan said...

That parents is a "helicopter parent". We discussed this in Sunday School. We're doing a special series on raising children. Very interesting and helpful at this point in Seth and my lives. The better pattern to follow is the "farmer parent," in which you "plant" your child giving her the nutrition she needs, etc...not hover over her involving yourself in all activities.

Unknown said...

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