TOOOOnder & LightNIN'

so last night i was in bed with my lap top writing a blog entry about the storm that was raging outside my open windows (nothing like a good storm and open windows!). karl & i had been sitting on the front lawn watching the lightning until it started torrentially downpouring! we unplugged our tv and outlets b/c there was a TON of lightning so i was bragging on the wireless and the laptop & we were semi-hoping for a power outage. until the power actually went out and i lost my internet connection. then i was pissed. (not too bad really i just like to complain).

then it became a strange and restless night at the hills house. arlo FREAKS out when the power blinks back on b/c our house makes this weird beeping noise and he NO likey. he starts shaking and panting and climbing on my lap like the 80 pound lap dog he is not. roxy, our protector dog, wouldn't leave the open windows alone and kept woofing (woofing = not quite a bark) at the neighbors (who were out in DROVES checking out the storm). there were like 4 kajillion sirens (aparently there were lots of fires around town). then at like four we woke up to roxy barking and growling (she rarely barks or woofs) like an insane dog at some scary man on our street. we debated on whether or not to call the cops. (he left; we didn't) then karl starts dreaming about catching and shooting woodpeckers - dreaming restlessley and gibberishly - (we really do have a woodpecker that pecks on our metal spinney thing every morning and karl has been trying to shoot it with a bbgun. yea, i live in arkansas, so what?) then the woodpecker really DOES start pecking and the birds start chirping like crazy (remember those open windows?? AHAHAH!!!) b/c it is an absolutely gorgeous morning in our beautiful city.
HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! i guess sometimes these nights just happen! our power made it back on sometime in the early morning.

off to dial in - conference call at noon!


Anonymous said...

we watched a powergrid explode from our balcony. it was crazy...pulsing blue...then huge flames...then lights out. it looked like and alien ship had landed right on markham. our's came back on at 1:22 am. wild night in the rock.

Susan said...

Ches and Ru don't even notice storms. I guess that's good, but aren't animals supposed to have some 6th sense that enables them to predict bad weather? Yeah, mine missed that. Our cat we had growing up, would hide and refuse to go outside...so we knew fo sho it was going to rain. He was better to have around than the weatherman.

Elizabeth Spann said...

Oh, did it rain or something last night?