um. so. um. so. ummmmmmm

  • it is tuesday.
  • tomorrow is wednesday.
  • kristy is coming to LR this weekend.
  • Mom Jan, our old Chi Omega house mom, is leaving the University of Tulsa. there is a small gathering (planned by us). 11 oclock. saturday the 28th. x and a horseshoe house. bring your bong.
    (that is a funny secret society joke.)
  • i love tennis and want to play.
  • saturday karl and i ran from our house to mary kay and rea's. according to karl's gps we burned 1,000 calories.
  • i am still not losing weight.
  • i still hate dieting. i refuse.
  • i am still trying to up my cardio.
  • i had some weird chest pains that i have never had before in my "intense cardio focus class"
  • i did not like it one bit.
  • my heart was all bursty. and i was all anxiety-ey.
  • does that mean i am getting old?
  • is my heart going bad?
  • must. eat. less. bacon.
  • have no fear; i went back to cardio class today and felt fine.


Lauryl Lane said...

oh my god, mom jan is leaving tu??? why? what? where? how? when? will you give her my love, please? i will try to send her a note, too...

melissa said...

please take care of your heart, kat. chest pains are not good news. THIS JUST IN: let's hang out soon.

Elizabeth Spann said...

No heart attacks, old lady! ;)

Kristy said...

You cannot be old cause if you are that makes me really old! And I refuse to be!

Anonymous said...

where is mom jan going? :(
me like her except when she washes my mouth out w/soap

Chandle said...

I'll bring you a parasite.

brooke knight said...